New Red Dead Redemption 2 report has disappointing news for fans

A new Red Dead Redemption 2 report has some pretty disappointing news for the open-world western on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Right now, the critically acclaimed and best-selling 2018 game is playable on Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and PS5 through backwards compatibility, but Rockstar Games has yet to release proper “next-gen” versions. of the game. With the way the game has been reviewed and the way it has sold, many have operated on the assumption that a port is inevitable, and it may be, but it won’t happen any time soon, according to a new report.

The report comes on the back of Rockstar Games confirming two things in a new update yesterday. The first of those two things is that it’s almost exclusively about releasing GTA 6. The second piece of information is that it is essentially a question of supporting red dead online. Combining those two things, it’s no surprise that there’s a new report that the next-gen ports of Red Dead Redemption 2 are not currently working.

The report was shared by the Tez2, a leading industry insider and backer of Rockstar Games and the titles they create. When asked if it is safe to say that RDR2 will never get a release on PS5, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X, Tez2 not only confirmed that suspicion, but relayed word of a long-awaited feature that was in the works but was scrapped.

“Yeah, I heard about it a long time ago,” Tez2 said, answering the question. “As well as their plan to come up with an improved Rockstar Editor. It’s all cancelled/discontinued now.”

As we have already pointed out, this is more or less a situation where everyone is on deck with GTA 6 for a while Rockstar Games knowing they need to release it ASAP with Take-Two Interactive urging them to release the game for obvious reasons. That said, that doesn’t mean RDR2 will never get PS5, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X ports; it just means it won’t be anytime soon.

All that said, take everything here with a grain of salt. None of this is official information. These are just rumors and chatter. And because it’s nothing more than that, Rockstar Games is unlikely to comment on it, but if so, we’ll be sure to update the story with whatever. she has to say.