Novaking’s BGMI ID, Stats, Ranking, YouTube Earnings & More (March 2022)

Rahul “Novaking” is a renowned BGMI player and YouTuber. He is widely known in the gaming community for his determination and bravery towards in-game rankings.

It even holds the game’s live streaming record for ten days in a row. Several young players embody it as their inspiration.

Details about BGMI professional player and popular streamer Novaking


Player IDs are of crucial importance in Battlegrounds Mobile India. IDs can be searched to send friend requests and in-game popularity. Novaking’s ID is a popular profile because his fans send him friend requests so they can play with him and learn more on him. His in-game ID is 517508814.

On the other hand, a game name (IGN) can also be used to search for a player in Battlegrounds Mobile India, as each player has a unique IGN. Novaking’s IGN is GodLNameva (GodL stands for GodLike Esports in its name).

Seasonal statistics

Novaking is one of the few players in the gaming community who play classic matches seriously. Although he has yet to release his rankings this season, his stats for the new season are staggering.

Within a day of C2S5’s introduction, he climbed to Crown I Tier, racking up 5168 Season Points, making him one of the highest ranked players in Squad Mode.

Clip showing GodLike Novaking's stats in the new Cycle 2 Season 5 (Image via Krafton)
Clip showing GodLike Novaking’s stats in the new Cycle 2 Season 5 (Image via Krafton)

Novaking played 48 matches in classic mode this season and won “chicken dinners” in 16. He reached the top 10 in 41 games, with his teammates.

Novaking distributed a total of 64779.4 damage with an average of 1349.6. Plus, it maintained a mind-blowing F/D ratio of 7.33with 352 total finishes. 24 most finishes and 3593 damage dealt in a single match remains his best performance in BGMI’s new C2S5.

YouTube Earnings

Novaking has been in the community for a long time. He is currently part of GodLike Esports as a content creator. However, her main source of income comes from her popular YouTube channel “Novaking”, which currently has over 613,000 subscribers.

According to statistics provided by Social Blade, Novaking has earned between $72 and $1,200 in the past 30 days on his YouTube channel. Since he hasn’t streamed regularly for the past two months, his YouTube earnings have dropped significantly.

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