Over 60s play 400 hours of video games a year – GTA among favorites

The game is really for everyone (Photo: Nintendo)

A survey found that those over 60 spend almost as much time playing video games as teenagers, and many say it has become their main hobby.

Things are much better now than they used to be, but it doesn’t take much for the mainstream media to fall back on the old cliché that video games are only for socially awkward teens.

A new survey conducted by energyhelpline.com, who finds that in the UK, gamers over 60 spend an average of eight hours a week playing games – just 45 minutes for those under 16 to 29.

Gamers over 60 spend over 400 hours a year playing games, 30% say it helps their mental health and 19% say it helps them feel lonely.

41% of older gamers revealed that gambling has become their main hobby and 13% admitted that they lost sleep by choosing to play instead.

Candy Crush is the most popular title, but otherwise the choice of the game is exactly what you would expect from casual gamers of all ages, including FIFA, Call Of Duty, and Grand Theft Auto.

Overall, 62% of UK adults have played some video game in 2020, although that figure, and this survey, has undoubtedly been distorted by being stranded during the pandemic.

The survey also found that gamers are adding £ 342,720,000 a year to the UK’s national energy bill, which is where the energy saving angle comes in. Although most seem to think it is worth it.

The UK's Favorite Video Game Bar Chart

The surprising thing here is that teens don’t care about FIFA (Photo: energyhelpline.com)

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