Parent gives son personalized medal for completing Hollow Knight Speedrun

A caring parent gifted his eldest son a personalized medal for completing his very first Hollow Knight speedrun in less than 24 hours.

personalized hollow knight medal

For many players in the gaming community, Hollow knight is an incredibly enriching experience. With environments for players to explore, a complex atmosphere and game mechanics, Hollow knight certainly has a lot to offer players. The speedrunning community, in particular, has taken a liking to Hollow Knight, including a young fan.

One of the biggest prints of Hollow knight is the amount of content. While some are more integral to the progression of the game than others, making a speedrun of Hollow knight the challenging nature of the gameplay is so alluring. However, what is really amazing is the fact that not only a 9 year old has beaten Hollow knight in less than 24 hours, but also received a medal for it.


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A Reddit user named theotherquantumjim gave his 9-year-old a personalized medal for completing a speedrun of Hollow knight a little over 9 p.m. Although it is much slower than the fastest Hollow knight speedrun, which lasts 33 minutes, is always a thoughtful way for a parent to celebrate their child’s achievements, especially when it’s something that is important to them.

It’s nice to see some parents embracing their children’s love for video games in a positive way. All over the internet there have been examples of parents supporting their children’s passion for video games in unexpected ways. For example, a mother gave her child a birthday cake with the theme Red Dead Redemption 2.

Anyway, it’s amazing how long the longevity Hollow knight has managed to maintain over the past few years. After the game’s initial release in 2017, Hollow knight quickly became one of the industry’s biggest independent success stories. However, there are fans who are actively wondering what the future of the Hollow knight the series will result.

It has been over 1000 days since Hollow Knight: Song of Silk was first revealed, and there has been little to no further news regarding the development of the game. In all fairness, Team Cherry is an incredibly small studio made up of just three developers, and therefore, the development process d ‘a game on the same scale as Hollow knight is no small feat. Again, games like Metroid Prime 4 are being developed by much bigger studios, and it has been as long as this game received a development update.

Hollow knight is available on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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