Pirates Have Uncovered Elden Ring’s Darkest Wildlife Mystery

Ok, that was probably just a bug. Anyway, YouTuber and data miner Zullie The Witch delved into the game’s files again to find that they’re no ordinary bears. They are bears or at least were at one time, yes, but these are becoming something else. Zullie gained access to a beta version of the game where she came across a Runebear who lived outside the map. By killing him, Zullie obtained a dragon heart. This means that their huge stature seems to come from the fact that some bears in this world end up becoming dragons.

From software

It’s pretty clear, actually. If we look at their pupils, we will notice that they look less like those of a bear and more like those one would find on a snake, Bill Gates or Hillary Clinton.

We still don’t know if all the dragons in this world are born from bears or if we’re all crazy just to create Ring of Eldenis the equivalent of the reptilian government conspiracy theory, but we’ll definitely delve into it.

Top image: Bethesda

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