Player of the year 2021

ESTNN shines a light on some of Fortnite’s best players in 2021 and crowns a player of the year.

Competitive Fortnite has seen astronomical growth in 2021. The players are much more talented now, and there is a clear gap between the best players and the rest. Success in Fortnite is hard to come by, even for the best. Nonetheless, the year 2021 has shown everyone exactly who is the cream of the crop.

Like last year, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has forced Epic Games to hold all events online. As a result, the developers have organized several Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) tournaments. The lack of offline events hasn’t stopped players from showing off their skills in the name of million dollar prize pools and the glorious Axis of Champions.

Over the past 12 months, a lot has happened in competitive Fortnite, and ESTNN is here to spotlight the top candidates who have broken through or taken their name to the next level. So sit back and enjoy as we recognize the best before we crown the Fortnite Player of the Year 2021.


Slovenian player TaySon stands in his Falcons Esports jersey in front of a line of police holding a sign that says "No. 1"

Image via Falcons Esports

Slovenian player TaySon is currently the reigning Fortnite Player of the Year after winning the award in 2020. Last year TaySon took back-to-back wins in the Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS), placing himself on a level other than peers. The year 2021 undoubtedly continued one of the most impressive records in Fortnite history.

TaySon started the year with an eighth place finish in FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 5 alongside his teammates Trio MrSavage and IDrop. TaySon parted ways with them in Season 6, where he and his new teammates – 4zr and Nayte – secured a third place finish in the FNCS Finals.

A month later, TaySon triumphed in the first-ever FNCS Solo All-Star Showdown against the crème de la crème of Europe, earning him US $ 150,000 and his first brand victory of the year. The Slovenian found new teammates Veno and Rezon in Chapter 2 – Season 7, where they finished fifth in the FNCS final. He then ended the year by taking 16th place in the FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 8 before securing his second major victory in the inaugural FNCS Grand Royale.

It’s no understatement to call TaySon one, if not the best, of the best players in the world. Competing in the European region isn’t easy, but TaySon certainly makes it look like this. He again won two FNCS tournaments in one year to complete a winning streak in Cash Cup and Cash Cup Extra. No one can deny what TaySon has managed to accomplish in such a short time.


Fortnite player Mero appears in his Team New Age jersey with the words "4 X Champion" below him in bold black letters

Image via New Age Team

NA East player Mero is undoubtedly part of the discussion for player of the year. While TaySon won two FNCS tournaments in the toughest region, Mero won three in the second toughest, two of them in a row. Here are Mero’s results from the 2021 FNCS competitions:

  • Fourth of Chapter 2 – Season 5 with Reverse2k and Deyy
  • Premier in Chapter 2 – Season 6 starring Reverse2k and Deyy
  • 26th in the All-Star solo showdown
  • 15th of Chapter 2 – Season 7 with Reverse2k and Deyy
  • Premier in Chapter 2 – Season 8 with Bugha and Muz
  • Grand Royale premiere with Bugha and Dukez

These results correspond to an average ranking of eighth in the Fortnite Champion series alone. Like TaySon, Mero has a competitive spirit that places him in the upper echelon of the best players in the world. In addition, he works diligently on his craft and ranks in almost every tournament he participates in. Success follows him regardless of the format or his teammates. To put it simply, Mero is just different.


Fortnite World Champion Bugha stands with his arms crossed across his chest in his Sentinels hoodie.  Word "Champion" appears next to it with the FNCS logo

Image via Sentinels

Fortnite World Cup champion Bugha hasn’t slowed down all at once since his decisive victory in 2019. Some players would take the money and be happy, but Bugha not. He continues to compete at the highest level while ranking impressively in most of his tournaments.

Bugha added another layer of accolades in 2021, winning back-to-back Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) tournaments to close the year. Both triumphs came after a fifth, 21st and eighth leading to Chapter 2 – Season 7. Winning first place in the last two FNCS tournaments of the year has greatly bolstered his accomplishments.

This was the storybook ending in 2021 for Bugha, a year in which he also joined Fortnite’s ICON series as an in-game skin and received his own mode aimed at competitive players. He has gone on to show that while he hasn’t competed in every Solo Cash Cup and third-party event, his wit and skill for the game enables him to achieve greatness.


A cartoon portrayal of player Fortnite Reet appears next to the words "Solo Cash Cup # 1 XTRA Reet"

Image via Reet

The entire Fortnite world has witnessed the arrival of an NA West player named Reet this year. This controller phenomenon has reached heights that no one expected. He established himself as a sure-fire prospect in 2020, but 2021 was Reet’s year. This player knows nothing more than hard work and dedication.

Reet has broadcast countless hours of everything from Tournaments to Zone Wars and more. Nothing impressed the competitive scene more than when he won two Solo Cash Cups in one day in two different regions. Reet won the Asia Solo Cash Cup over 130 ping before breaking the all-time points record in her home region.

Reet also had a banner year in the Fortnite Champion Series. His results included a tenth, sixth, third, second, first and first for an average of just over third. He bounced back from team to team before joining the dynamic duo of quadruple-winning FNCS Arkhram and EpikWhale in Season 7 before winning the FNCS Grand Royale.

Reet’s level of talent should horrify anyone who walks into his lobby. He’s mastered almost every possible mechanic Fortnite has to offer at this point. There’s no limit to what he could accomplish based on what we’ve seen in 2021.

EpikWhale / Arkhram / Rehx

Fortnite players EpikWhale, Arkhram, and Rehx appear next to the words "6 X champions" in bold blue letters

Image via Somebodysgun

The final mention on our list goes to three players instead of just one, as it was difficult to pick just one of the three kings in NA West. Because of this, EpikWhale, Arkhram, and Rehx all got a spot on this list. These three players have effectively operated as a cohesive unit for most of 2021.

The NA West Kings started the year by winning FNCS Season 5 Chapter 2, and went on to repeat themselves as the trio’s champions twice before going their separate ways in Season 8 Chapter 2. While EpikWhale and Arkhram have parted ways with Rehx, no one can take away what they have achieved. No matter the circumstances or the tournament, the three players would always find a remarkable way to come back and win.

Competitive Fortnite fans will look back over the entire year or trios and talk about EpikWhale, Arkhram, and Rehx. Their dominance over NA West is worth celebrating as Fortnite prepares to change gears in 2022.

Winner – TaySon

A case can be made for any of the players on this list, but it ultimately ended up with TaySon, Mero, and Reet. All three of these players have performed consistently throughout 2021, advancing to multiple FNCS season finals and securing high rankings. Another factor to consider is stamina and the desire to improve and win. All three players have dedicated hundreds of hours to Cash Cups, cross-region tournaments and third-party competitions to stay on top of their game.

However, for the second year in a row, TaySon deserves the green light. The Slovenian phenomenon’s thirst to be the best shines through every tournament. TaySon traded his teammates, searching for the perfect combination, which he ultimately found before winning the FNCS Grand Royale. Let’s not forget his remarkable All-Star Showdown performance.

The icing on the cake is that TaySon regularly peaks in Fortnite’s most populous and difficult region. He remains atop the throne as Player of the Year until further notice.

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