Player spots a possible hidden Easter egg that looks oddly familiar

The Fortnite x Among Us collaboration is finally here! After a long wait, Epic Games has finally decided to bring the popular video game to Fortnite and release a few cosmetic items.

There has been a lot of controversy regarding the Impostors game mode in Fortnite. When it was first released, most players thought it was the official Fortnite x Among Us collaboration.

However, Epic has recreated the title in Fortnite, allowing loopers to have fun while trying to figure out who an impostor is.

Luckily, the developers of both games have agreed to collaborate and bring some cosmetics among us to the popular battle royale.

The Fortnite x Among Us collaboration has always been there, in a way

Reddit user KrazyyKal posted an interesting article implying that the Fortnite x Among Us collaboration has always been present in Chapter 3. The user posted a screenshot of a small pond that looks like a character among us from a bird’s eye view.

The “Amogus Lake” post received a few hundred upvotes from other Fortnite users and is one of the most popular posts on the subreddit for the day.

To find this site, players need to travel east of Tilted Towers, and they will see it right at the crossroads. This landmark is called Puddle Pond, and they can also find Grapple Gloves to the northwest!

While the Reddit post was meant to make gamers laugh, it’s hard to deny that the pond doesn’t look like a Among Us character!

Unfortunately, the Fortnite x Among Us collaboration did not bring any characters as outfits. Instead, players can use their teammates as a back prop, which also reacts to specific in-game actions.

Additionally, Epic released an emote called Distraction Dance. Both cosmetic items have a Gaming Legends series rarity.

Hopefully there will be teammate skins in the future as they will be extremely popular.

Reaction from other players

Several Fortnite Battle Royale loopers reacted to the humorous Fortnite x Among us post on the subreddit.

The most prominent comment came from a user who called the lake “sus,” a popular word within the Among Us community. Another suggested that this location is called “Sussy Springs”, a reference to Salty Springs, a former location of interest in Chapters 1 and 2.

A Reddit user commented on how the collaboration has always been there, but some players weren’t too happy with the Among Us posts on the subreddit.

Another player claimed he could never forget him now. However, a peer said he didn’t even see any connection to the popular video game.

There were several other suggestions for the name of this monument, but fans can agree that “Sussy Springs” is the best and the funniest. The other titles are just not good.

Posts like this always bring the community together, and this one is no different. It also shows how Epic constantly drops hints for its loopers.

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