Polygon partners with Community Gaming to deliver scalable eSports events

Polygon began working with Community Gaming to provide developers with the ability to use improved scalability when hosting eSports tournaments.

The twinning will create new tournaments powered by Community Gaming and deployed in the world of Polygon smart contracts (MATIC).

Community gaming platform makes it surprisingly easy to create personalized eSports tournaments in just minutes. By the top scalable blockchain payment technology, Community Gaming provides gamers, organizers and developers with all the software and tools needed to create eSports tournaments, from soup to nuts.

It takes little to no knowledge of wallets or smart contracts, and even comes with preconfigured payments that you can take advantage of. With the new collaboration, these eSports tournaments can now be deployed on the Polygon network and, most importantly, allow instant payments from players.

Southeast Asian tournament developers have already created and deployed the first tournament to take advantage of the collaboration with Polygon. The Axie Infinity Squads League winners received their prize within seconds, and this is one of the biggest draws of this new setup. Compared to eSports tournaments which use a more traditional payment system, taking months to process, the new method is much more attractive to the gaming community.

Another interesting feature for many players is the live win leaderboard which has added filters for games, tokens or nations. Additionally, tournament formats like Battle Royal are coming. A rewards program is also on the horizon at Community Gaming which will increase the earning potential for users beyond what the tournaments are offering as prizes. Completing the weekly quests will reward users with coins that can be reinvested.

This not only enables rapid development of the program, but also supports the Play2Earn philosophy on which the community game is based.

News comes after Community Gaming’s successful seed funding

The twinning with Polygon comes two weeks after Community game announced they had managed to raise nearly $ 2.5 million in seed funding. The cycle was led by CoinFund and saw the participation of a number of big names including Animoca Brands, Dapper Labs, Hashed, Thirty-Five Ventures and Play Venture. This group has been joined by angel investors including WhalShark, GenGeSports and Kevin Chou. ConsenSys led the first pre-seed round in 2020.

The funds were earmarked to help Community Gaming expand its reach in Latin America and Southeast Asia. Two huge markets for games and regions where Community Games says it is “already seeing massive growth from local organizers and talented competitors.”

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