PS Plus Extra loses 2 games this month

PlayStation Plus Extra subscribers should be aware of two games set to drop from the service later this month.

Sony has completely overhauled its PlayStation Plus subscription service by combining it with PlayStation Now to create three new levels. There’s PS Plus Essential, which is PS Plus as it’s always been, and then there’s PS Plus Extra and Premium. PS Plus Extra offers all the benefits of the standard subscription plus the addition of games that were available via PlayStation Now, while PS Plus Premium also offers a host of retro games to choose from.


The PS Plus Extra line of games works differently from the free PS Plus games that subscribers can claim each month. Like PlayStation Now, PS Plus Extra games rotate in and out of availability, and subscribers can’t claim them to keep in their collection. Because of this, two games are set to leave the PS Plus Extra lineup later this month.

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shadow warrior 3 leaves PS Plus Extra from July 5th. shadow warrior 3 is a first-person shooter and the latest installment of the popular shadow warrior series. shadow warrior 3 was a day one PlayStation Now game, and it looked like Sony was using it to test how it could better compete with Xbox Game Pass. This was before the PS Plus redesign, of course.

  • Shadow Warrior 3 – July 5
  • Syberia – July 19

shadow warrior 3 isn’t the only game to be removed from PS Plus Extra in July 2022. Syberia is also being pulled from the lineup, with its retirement date currently set for July 19. Syberia is an adventure game series that has received mostly positive reviews, so anyone interested in the genre should be sure to check it out while it’s still available. PlayStation Plus subscribers should have plenty of time to complete it by the time it drops from PS Plus Extra on July 19.

shadow warrior 3 and Syberia are the only two games leaving PS Plus Extra in July, but there are more removals on the horizon. While it doesn’t look like PS Plus Extra subscribers will have to worry about the vast majority of PS Plus Extra games being phased out in the near future, the Red Dead Redemption the series should all be dropped by the end of the year. Red Dead Redemption 2 is removed on September 20, while the original Red Dead Redemption and its popular standalone extension Red Dead Redemption: Nightmare of the Living Dead will be removed on October 17.

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