Ranking of the protagonists of GTA according to their popularity: from most popular to least

The GTA franchise has been around for a long time now, thanks to which some memorable characters and storylines have stuck with fans for years after the games ended.

While the games themselves were masterpieces in their own right, each of them arrived with protagonists who stood out from the maddening crowd, reflected their own aura in the game, and influenced the storyline by their actions.

So, without further ado, it’s time to talk about some of the GTA franchise’s most beloved protagonists.

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Top 5 protagonists of GTA

1) Tommy Vercetti – Vice City OG

The early 2000s were dominated by GTA Vice City, and Tommy Vercetti was the protagonist of the poster from that era. Franchise players will never forget the name or its story arc in the game itself.

From being accused of a drug case gone awry, to ultimately becoming the backbone of Vice City and controlling most of Vice City itself; Tommy Vercetti is the most popular and iconic protagonist of the GTA franchise to date.

2) Carl Johnson – Here we go again

If Vice City set the stage for the GTA franchise to explode, then San Andreas arguably set it on fire with its plethora of colorful characters and a hugely popular Carl Johnson aka CJ.

Carl Johnson is one of those protagonists who are extremely difficult to forget. In addition to his in-game arc, between taking revenge by taking out Big Smoke and entering Area 51, Carl Johnson takes players on a roller coaster ride in San Andreas.

3) Trevor Phillips – The Vaas Montenegro from GTA

When it comes to being chaotic, Trevor Phillips sets the bar high. Basically he is a psychopath and is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve his goal.

Players love Trevor for the simple fact that he takes whatever he wants. “No” is not a word that exists in his dictionary.

Between beating up other NPCs, delivering iconic dialogue, and just doing whatever he wants, Trevor is one of those protagonists players will likely not forget. To put it in perspective, in some ways Trevor is GTA’s Vass – the definition of insanity.

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4) Franklin Clinton

Grand Theft Auto V underdog Franklin Clinton is enjoying a lot of love from fans around the world. Much like Carl Johnson and Tommy Vercetti, Franklin climbs to the top near the end of the game and leaves his old life behind.

5) Niko Bellic

Although most fans don’t really remember him, Niko Bellic is the protagonist of Grand Theft Auto IV, with a straightforward personality.

Niko emigrates to America after escaping a gangster and wanting to leave his old life behind. However, once you set foot in Liberty City, things go wrong. Despite the trials and losses, he finally succeeds and takes revenge in cold blood.

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