RDO: Best Evergreen Blueberry Locations

Here’s where you can find and collect Evergreen Huckleberry on Red Dead Online’s expansive map.

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Evergreen Huckleberry is an herbal remedy in Red Dead Redemption 2, which can be eaten raw to increase your core health. Health benefits aside, Evergreen Huckleberry is also an ingredient in Predator Bait and Strong Predator Bait, which you’ll want to keep healthy for all of those daily challenges in Red Dead Online. Harvesting lingonberry can also help you pick and pick your way to earn RDO’s “Picked to Perfection” trophy.

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The broad leaves of this bushy plant are more olive than evergreen, and it grows in tiny clusters of small black berries. So small that you might not even see them unless you inspect the plant very closely. While not the most difficult plant species to find, they can be somewhat ambiguous, easily blending in with other foliage that grows in the American West. So to help you, here are some best places to find Evergreen Huckleberry in Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online.

Locations of evergreen blueberries

Evergreen Huckleberry Red Dead Redemption 2 locations online


While the term “evergreen” may suggest the higher elevations of Ambardino, the evergreen bilberry thrives in the wetter climate of Lemoyne. While Scarlett Meadows certainly gives a decent harvest, you might be surprised to learn that there are multiple shoots in Bayou Nwa as well.

  • Northwest of Rhodes, you can find Evergreen Huckleberry growing along an expanse of land between the Southfield Plains and Flat Iron Lake.
  • The evergreen lingonberry can also be found on the southeast border of Calliga Hall, just before the land breaks into the peat bog that forms the southern tip of Bayou Nwa.

  • In the central Bayou Nwa you can find more lingonberries growing near the waterway between Saint Denis and Lakay.

If all else has failed, you can walk up and down the banks of the Kamassa River. You will probably always have the best chance of finding this shrub more commonly in Lemoyne, although it has also been found along the shores of New Hanover.

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