RDR2: How Accurate Is New Austin Compared To 1800s Texas

The state of New Austin in Red Dead Redemption has surprising influences from Texas in the 1800s, but it’s more than its surroundings.

There are many places to explore in Red Dead Redemption 2 but New Austin matters to both RDR2 as good as Red Dead Redemption. fans of RDR will remember New Austin as the primary location in his storyline, but will also experience his appearance in RDR2. Only able to reach New Austin in the epilogue of Red Dead Redemption 2fans of the series will recognize the four regions that make up the Territory although they may look slightly different in 1899. Some players might even notice the Territory’s resemblance to Texas and other real-life locations, while also having some similarities. in Texas in the 1800s.


New Austin is home to a varied wealth of environments with their own group of peoples, such as the Skinner Brothers Gang in RDR2, and is home to various animals and planets not available in the other four prequel map states. New Austin takes its place as the fifth state of Red Dead Redemption 2, sitting between Nuevo Pariso to the south and West Elizabeth to the northeast. It is divided into four main regions: Hennigan’s Stead, Cholla Springs, Rio Bravo and Gaptooth Ridge. Each region bears its own resemblance to real-world locations, while New Austin takes on certain aspects of United States history to flesh out its state.

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In Red Dead Redemption 2New Austin is unlocked in the epilogue, where players take control of John Marston instead of Arthur Morgan, although RDR2 hidden journal entries tease Arthur Morgan’s missions in New Austin, fans will only be able to explore the state freely as John Marston. Riding with Marston on horseback, players may notice that New Austin is an amalgamation of different parts of the United States. According to Fandom.com red death wiki, Cholla Springs appears to be based around the Sonoran Desert in Arizona, as it is similar in appearance and vegetation. Rio Bravo parallels distinct parts of New Mexico, and Gaptooth Ridge sees influences from southern Arizona and slight references to California and Nevada. Hennigan’s Stead bears the state’s closest resemblance to Texas, as its geographical locations of areas and environments almost mimic those of the regions of Texas. New Austin, as a whole, looks only a bit like 1800s Texas.

New Austin is partially faithful to 1800s Texas

Hennigans Stead RDR Big Bend Country Texas

The players of the epilogue of RDR2 New Austin may be thought to mimic the multi-regional environment of Texas, although much of what seems directly tied to Texas in the 1800s is the state’s history between the 1800s and 1900s. New Austin, such as Tumbleweed and Armadillo, may reflect the struggles of American settlers trying to establish cities in the arid deserts of Texas.

The Del Lobo gang that occupies the southern tip of Cholla Springs next to Lake Din Julio may represent the Mexican bandits who looted settlements on the Texas-Mexico border in 1848. There is even evidence of an abandoned native camp in RDR, called Mescalero, it may be a nod to the remoteness of the native peoples of Texas. With some correlation to the regions of Texas and its history, Red Dead Redemption 2 seems fairly accurate to Texas in the 1800s, but with some significant creative liberties.

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