RDR2’s Arthur Morgan shows his dark side in detailed pencil drawing

A recent piece of hand drawn Red Dead Redemption II fan art is making the rounds online. The sketch focuses on Arthur Morgan’s darker characteristics.

A stunning hand-drawn coin Red Dead Redemption II The fan art was recently unveiled online, delighting fans of the open world adventure game. The illustration is just one of many fan art works inspired by the Rockstar 2018 title in recent years, with artists tending to lean towards photorealism with pencil sketches of characters like Arthur Morgan.

Red Dead Redemption II is perhaps best known for its gritty, inflexible narrative alongside its cast of memorable and complex characters. The players take on the role of Arthur Morgan, a tough outlaw grappling with the messy and frustrating realities of life with the Dutch Van der Linde gang. Throughout the game, Arthur engages in a handful of less-than-tasty activities, often displaying ruthless and un-empathetic behavior towards those in his path. While players have some degree of control over Arthur’s moral righteousness via the in-game honor system, he is primarily a predefined character similar to other video game antiheroes like Joel du The last of us Games. Arthur’s complexity, cynicism, and brutality have led some players to prefer him over Red Dead Redemption‘s John Marston, the beloved protagonist of the previous game.


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When a character is as revered as Arthur Morgan, he’s likely to inspire a fair amount of fan art. One of the latest Arthur-inspired pieces comes from a Redditor who calls himself ragneidr. The impressive sketch features a close-up portrait of Arthur in the top left, with another image of him executing an enemy in the bottom right. There is also an interpretation of its funerary marking. The title of the article mentions that the image is shared “for those who forgot it [Arthur] is far from being an angel. “

See the original post on Reddit here.

The black and white pencil sketch and pale vignette of the image will look familiar to those who have played Red Dead Redemption II; whether intentional or not, ragneidr’s design is reminiscent of the game’s many loading screens and title cards inspired by Arthur’s notebook, in which he often writes after some of the Red Dead Redemption IIdisturbing missions. This parity between the sketch and the aesthetics of the game makes it an excellent addition to the best-selling title.

Between the critical title of ragneidr and the drawing emphasis on Arthur’s violent tendencies, it’s clear this piece wants to draw attention to the dark side of the character. After all, Arthur Morgan has killed, maimed, and brutalized countless characters throughout the game’s history. Red Dead Redemption II clearly isn’t interested in portraying black-and-white characters, so Arthur’s moral ambiguity will certainly lead to new discussions and thoughtful artwork over time.

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Source: ragneidr / Reddit

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