Re-releases didn’t hurt Skyrim, but they ruined GTA 5

The constant reissue of Skyrim didn’t hurt the game much, but it’s absolutely ruined Auto grand theft 5. GTA 5 was simply not meant to be remade and re-released as many times as it has, and the end result has been the game’s waning reputation. Each re-release of GTA 5 only determines the time that has passed since this original version and the duration of the saga of GTA 6development has become.

Skyrim first released two years ago GTA 5, and has been re-released on a number of different consoles over the years. It has become a running joke for many fans, especially those who have firmly set their sights on Elder Scrolls 6, the development of which is apparently still in the pre-production phase. Yet despite all the mockery, the reception to each re-release has always been positive at the end of the day.


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The same can be said less and less with each reissue of Auto grand theft 5. Due to its much more linear nature, at least compared to Skyrim, the game becomes increasingly tedious as the years drag on. The most recent re-release – which served as a next-gen upgrade for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S – is likely the game’s last, but as the sun sets on nearly a decade of GTA 5 remasters and ports, it’s fair to say they’ve detracted from, rather than added to, the game’s once pristine reputation.

Why Skyrim Survived Its Re-release Mockery

The player character wearing the Glass Armor set from Skyrim.

The biggest difference between Skyrim and GTA 5The many re-releases of boil down to the fundamental nature of both games. Skyrim is an immersive open world RPG, with a multitude of different scenarios, character creation options and quests for the player. There’s nearly endless replay value, with each run feeling distinct.

Skyrim immerses the player in this world, teeming with life and civilizations far beyond their comprehension, then tells them to find their way there. While the constant reissues and apparent delays on Elder Scrolls 6 can get annoying after a while, Skyrim is built for that kind of longevity. The same simply cannot be said for Auto grand theft 5.

Why Re-releases Hurt Grand Theft Auto 5

Santa's family sat together in the therapist's office in GTA V

Whereas Skyrim only gives the player options, Auto grand theft 5 has the same story, the same side quests and the same gameplay every time. Rather than having a whole world of optional content, if one were to play GTA 5 until completion once is the end. GTA 5The PS5’s load times are fast, but other than that and improved performance, there’s not much impetus to revisit the story if a player has experienced it many times before.

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Auto grand theft 5 gives the player a lot of freedom, but far from being on par with Skyrim, purely by its very nature as a more story-driven third-person shooter, featuring protagonists with defined personalities, stories, and dynamics. While carrying a charm of their own, these things act like millstones around the neck of how many times GTA 5 can be replayed. Whenever someone starts it, it will play as Franklin, Michael, or Trevor. If they don’t like any or all of these characters, they’re out of luck. What doesn’t help is how insubstantial these reissues are, with GTA 5The enhanced edition of is not extended, with no new content added.

GTA 5 needs a sequel way more than Skyrim


Both games have more than overstayed their welcome, but Skyrim does not need Elder Scrolls 6 go out almost as much as GTA 5 needs its sequel to come out already. Skyrimit is the extent of the content available, in addition to the ease with which it is modified that GTA 5 makes it a literal sandbox where everything can be done inside, while GTA 5 can’t offer so much, even with mods. Fans of both have been clamoring for sequels for a decade now, but GTA 5 has much more prerogative to release its sequel than Skyrimas interest in exploring San Andreas for the hundredth time is rapidly waning.

The main reason behind GTA 5overwhelmed welcome is GTA On linethe online expansion of the base game which retained GTA 5 alive and relevant for eight years. However, GTA online stopped being fun for many players a while ago, and while recent updates have been well received, the game’s economy is still based on Shark Card microtransactions, with prohibitive prices for players who don’t want to part with real money. The players he retained, however, are players who pour thousands of dollars into Rockstar’s coffers every month, so the machine kept going. However, this model is not sustainable and the series must evolve, much more than Skyrim Is. old scrolls On line does not need Skyrim to be the main game in the series to continue to run well.

GTA 5 just isn’t fun anymore

Between the basic game repeated until nausea for almost a full decade and things like the ruin of the Shark Cards GTA onlineeconomy, GTA 5 just lost a lot of its appeal to a ton of gamers. While the latest reissue has always sold well, the appeal to many long-time GTA fans are dwindling with each launch and news of the next entry is becoming more and more in demand. GTA 6 has to come out soon, or the Grand Theft Auto property itself may be threatened with true stagnation.

Skyrim has the excuse of being a massive, groundbreaking RPG for its time for being so big and content-dense, so Bethesda can only expect to outdo itself with the game’s successor. GTA 5, on the other hand, is Rockstar’s biggest franchise and should have had a new entry years ago. The time elapsed since Auto grand theft 5The exit from is best reflected in the advanced age of the protagonist Franklin in GTA online. It was time to pull off the fifth entry in this years-revered franchise, and now it’s too late. Elder Scrolls 6 may take a little longer, but GTA 6 need an update ASAP.

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