Real world places you can visit in video games

When you play a video game, you take a long journey through a virtual world that could be in a fantasy realm, in time, or even 1000 years in the future – the possibilities are endless.

But what if you fancy a trip to a place that isn’t fictional – that you could actually visit if you wanted to? Well, there are plenty of games you can play that use the real world as a setting, including places you might have visited before.

Here is a list of some of the coolest places you can visit in the game – and who knows, maybe you will see them with your own eyes at some point, you can find more information about that at csgobook. .com!

The Colosseum – Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood

One of the most famous sites in Rome – if not all of Italy, is the Colosseum. While you may have traveled there before and seen this impressive structure, one of the boring aspects of visiting a well-known landmark can be other tourists.

Fortunately, all of the Colosseum’s splendor can be enjoyed in Assassins Creed: Brotherhood. While there are a few NPCs roaming around inside the once bustling Amphitheater, other than that you have absolute freedom to explore the building at your leisure.

The developers of the game could not make the structure fully meet the specifications of the real Colosseum, albeit thanks to the technology they were working with, but these changes are not enough to spoil your experience in the game. You can even do so. a few missions, which help you explore every inch of this majestic building.

Hong Kong City – Sleeping Dogs

If you’ve always wanted to take a trip and experience a thriving city in Hong Kong, you should definitely check out Sleeping Dogs. In the game, Hong Kong is rendered absolutely stunning.

You have the reflections of neon lights twinkling in the puddles on the ground, a wide array of supercars rocking by your side as you stroll along the sidewalk, street vendors trying to get you to buy their delicious food. noodle and pork buns and you may even head to a karaoke bar to sing along and have fun.

The story will take you all over the map, giving you the chance to see and enjoy totally different areas in the game and have a truly authentic experience of a virtual Hong Kong.

Takoma Park – Fallout 3

When Fallout 3 came out, a lot of people spent a lot of time getting lost in this amazing environment. Set in post-apocalyptic Washington DC, it’s amazing how much Bethesda has made the playable area true to the real place.

While they had to reduce the distances between locations a bit to make the map traversable, we wouldn’t be surprised if you could actually navigate real life Washington DC just from knowledge of the map in Fallout 3.

The mutant blasting gameplay is excellent, especially for fighting them from the Washington monument. But what really caught our attention was the high level of detail in the Georgetown neighborhoods, as well as in Takoma Park. These two neighborhoods evoke different feelings for you as you fight through them and you will take a second to stop and take in the views.

The Reichstag – Call of Duty: World at War

A barnstormer of an FPS game, Call of Duty: World at War made no effort to portray the horrors of WWII.

The final mission featured the impending headquarters of the Third Reich. You play as a soldier from the Russian Front, storming the building as you make your way to one of the most monumental buildings of WWII.

The action is dense and intense, but you can stop every now and then to take a break to take a look around and understand the simple fact that it really happened. While not everything about the Reichstag is completely realistic – it’s set in the past and a big budget video game after all – there is enough detail to make you feel like you’re actually there.

New York – Spiderman

With technology seemingly improving every year, it’s no surprise that we can now create replicas of entire cities with near-precise accuracy. New York City is no exception and this game perfectly captures the distance and scale of New York City.

It’s not a true 1 to 1 that a player actually measured the in-game distance between Battery Park and Harlem and it came out as just under half the distance than in real life. The atmosphere of the Big Apple is captured perfectly, with different quarters having different sensations.

The Whole Western Frontier – Red Dead Redemption 2

Doing what the prequel did but even better, Red Dead Redemption 2 captures the spirit of the Old West in a way that no other game ever could – or probably will.

While you can’t visit the sites in the game exactly as you see them there (the game is set over 100 years ago), you can easily take a trip to the west and visit some of the more landmarks. most famous that you will find on your adventures.

However, you probably won’t have to visit these landmarks – the game is ridiculously realistic and starting the game is basically like living in the Old West, back in the days when it was filled with outlaws and damsels. in distress.