Red Dead online character creator used to create Hitman’s Agent 47

One Red Dead Online player made good use of the game’s character creation tools and created a compelling Agent 47 from the Hitman series.

Agent 47 of Hitman fame entered the Wild West, thanks to a Red Dead Online player’s efforts with character creation tools. Personalization options through Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online are nothing short of impressive, even though the campaign only allows players to experience Arthur Morgan’s hair, clothes, and weapons.

Red Dead Online allows users to be a little more creative in many ways. As a result, the internet has been inundated with reimaginations of Mario and Luigi’s Wild West, the Scooby gang, Spider-Man, a human version of Shrek, and even the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson. So it’s no secret that Red Dead Online character customization settings provide a pretty robust set of options. So what could the most dedicated multiplayer sequel users accomplish with a little extra time? Apparently, the most dangerous assassin in video games can also have a 19th century look.

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Although Hitman‘s Agent 47 is resting for a while, it seems he’s still accepting contracts. Type of. Thanks to Reddit user dennymcclane, the finely clad assassin now sneaks around Saint Denis in Red Dead Online. The Redditor’s character customization efforts resulted in an Agent 47 with a bit heavier build, but he wears the iconic black suit, red tie, and crisp white shirt just fine. Of course, this version of 47 had to sport the bald look as well. A couple of creation’s choice screenshots depict the character in poses that also make him almost indistinguishable from the real deal. Check them out in the images below:

agent hitman 47 red dead

hitman 47 red dead online 2

hitman agent 47 red dead online 3

Of course a lot Red Dead Online Players remain unhappy with Rockstar Games’ content for the game lately, but it’s clear that countless users continue to find ways to have fun. How long will that make the community last remains to be seen, however.

Red Dead Online The latest round of new content comes in the form of Halloween Pass 2, a limited-time paid upgrade packed with rewards across 15 ranks. It includes seasonal masks, clothing inspired by All Hallows’ Eve, and several accessories meant to scare away even the most formidable potential enemies. Halloween Pass 2 offers will no longer be available from November 22. As such, those keen to enjoy the content would do well to jump online before the time runs out in a few weeks.

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Red Dead Online is available to play on the Google Stadia, PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms.

Source: dennymcclane / Reddit

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