Red Dead online gamer recreates Mr. Freeze

Red Dead Online’s latest creative character customization tailors a particular live-action iteration of one of Batman’s most empathetic antagonists.

red dead online mr.  freeze dc batman villain fan recreation

Red Dead Redemption 2the autonomous multiplayer effort of, Red Dead Online, continues to be a landscape of player freedom and creative character customization. Now the Red Dead Online The latest community custom character adaptation from another franchise launches a particularly empathetic Batman antagonist who has an unfortunate penchant for chilly temperatures.

Dr. Victor Fries, better known as Mr. Freeze, is a rare Batman antagonist whose criminal ambitions are particularly empathetic compared to other members of the Thug Gallery, such as The Joker or Professor Pyg. Mr. Freeze’s iconography has been shared in various DC real estate franchises, from animated series to video games, and Red Dead Online player dennymcclane recently shared an impressive rendition of Dr. Victor Fries by Arnold Schwarzenegger from Batman and robin (1997).

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Of course, dennymclane could hardly translate Mr. Freeze’s cryogenic suit, bulging helmet shield, or freezing beam into Mr. Freeze’s Red Dead Online. However, dennymcclane still managed to come up with an ingenious way to adapt the character to Red Dead Onlinecreative character customization. With trendy blue clothing pieced together in an identifiable aesthetic, dennymclane produced a rendition of Mr. Freeze if he had walked the rugged heart of America throughout 1899.

These clothes are perhaps the most similar to the icy blue dress that matches Mr. Freeze’s discolored skin in the movie. In Batman and robinSchwarzenegger’s Dr Fries is a cryogenic scientist who placed his wife, Nora, in cryogenic stasis as he tried to find a cure for fictitious MacGregor syndrome. But following an accident that plunges him into the same chemical liquid used for cryogenics, Fries becomes Mr. Freeze and assumes a criminal character because of a need for diamonds to fuel his cryogenic suit.


Perhaps the closest accessory aesthetic resemblance that dennymcclane is able to present is a cigar, which Schwarzenegger’s Mr. Freeze is also seen enjoying in Batman and robin. Batman and robin and Schwarzenegger’s Mr. Freeze in particular are known for their campy and quotable puns and theatrical performances, and this aesthetic further represents that theatrical quality.

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Other Red Dead Online players mainly celebrate the dennymcclane sculpture of Schwarzenegger’s head in the game. While the prospect of Mr. Freeze’s bald head with a sharp jaw and facial features may seem like a simple feat, the individual comparison pictures provided. by dennymcclane show a comparable character customization that closely emulates Schwarzenegger’s Mr. Freeze. Moreover, this interpretation of Mr. Freeze is also described in Red Dead Onlinethe snow-capped mountains of to further sell the iconography of the Frosty Supervillain.

Red Dead Online is available on PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One.

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