Red Dead online gamers attempt to jump into boat in hilarious video

A trending video from Red Dead Online shows two players in a pretty hilarious boat jumping competition, gaining tons of social media views.

red dead line boats

Red Dead Redemption 2endurance cannot be underestimated. Unlike the popularity of Grand Theft Auto Online, this is mainly because of all the insane possibilities and small details of the excellent story of the game. However, that does not mean Red Dead Online is devoid of attention-grabbing shenanigans including mysterious ghost horse spawns, interesting character creations like RGTby Trevor and Toy story‘s Woody, and so on.

The last Red Dead Online shenanigan has gained attention on social media like TikTok, where the Attack_Helicopter4200 poster has gained more than 5 million views in less than a week, in a video that features a friendly challenge between two players. It’s basically two-part, as some players are debating who actually won the challenge, but others are overtaken by the hilarious audio and the reaction of the video.

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Standing on top of a bridge, Attack_Helicopter4200 and his friend aim to jump into the water and see who can get close Red Dead Onlinethe boat. The two players jump one after the other, the poster first landing right in front of the boat, and then his friend crashing down afterwards. The second player manages to touch the boat, but it is the sound effect that makes the fans crack.

As seen above, a hilarious howl can be heard in the background as the player falls, and then a ‘hard bang’ can be heard when they hit the boat and roll away. This has led some to wonder what Red Dead Online player has won the competition because touching or not touching the boat counts as approaching it. Many praised the pure sound of screaming and banging on the boat, while others joked about the Red Dead Online NPC who just rowed. “Raining idiots again” stands out as a hilarious response.

It doesn’t matter who won this Red Dead Online content, because it’s hilarious anyway, and even those invested in the debate see it as the hilarious interaction that it is. If anything else, it shows how strong the Red Dead Redemption community is when it comes together, like while Red Dead Online sorrows apparently ran the game (and sometimes still does), there’s a lot of good to it too.

It may be the last in Red Dead Redemption Tiktok trends, but it won’t be the last. As long as the game remains so popular, fans can expect more hilarious videos on the horizon.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is now available for PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One.

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