Red Dead Online gets another Quick Draw Club Pass filled with cosmetics today

Red Dead Online is getting a little extra for its weekly reset this week. Rockstar Games has released the fourth Western Game Quick Draw Pass, which has loads of cosmetics you can grind for. You’ll get a full rundown when the developer posts their weekly Newswire article, although players are already delving into the game to see what cosmetics are on offer for that particular club pass.

The way the Quick Draw Pass works is pretty straightforward – you upgrade the root thing and get cosmetics as a reward for reaching certain experience point milestones. You can buy one for 25 gold bars, and in return you’ll get 25 ranks of goodies to grind. If you complete the whole thing, you’ll even get 25 gold bars to show for it.

This one is available for purchase through October 27 and includes the Dunster Outfit, Forester Poncho, and Huntingdock Coat. Rockstar further explains in-game that all Quick Draw club rewards up to your current rank will instantly unlock after you claim the pass.

If you want to see what all of these cosmetics actually look like, you can find a video showcase below from Rockstar Guides:

While we don’t know what Red Dead Online’s next big update will look like, Rockstar recently added three new hardcore assassination missions. Gamers are also busy restoring Mexico from the first game to the offline version of Red Dead Redemption 2, so there’s a lot to explore while we wait to see what’s on the horizon.

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