Red Dead Redemption 2 video shows Arthur exploring the world until “Into the Jungle, the Mighty Jungle”

A Red Dead Redemption fan creates a video showing Arthur Morgan exploring the game world to the tune of “Mbube” or “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”.

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Fans of Red Dead Redemption 2 are always hard at work creating tributes to the game, whether it’s in the form of fanart, fan recreations of their favorite characters, video edits or even more creative offerings. Recently, a fan did a spectacular video editing feat to show Arthur Morgan exploring the world of Red Dead Redemption 2 to the tune of “Mbube”, better known as “The lion sleeps tonight” or “In the jungle, the mighty jungle”.

Originally written by Solomon Linda in 1939, this song is a bit anachronistic, but its haunting vocals and steady drum beat add to the sense of exploration of YouTuber’s CartiGin video. Red Dead Redemption 2 is set in another 1899, so maybe the song was written a few decades earlier in the game’s timeline.

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In the video titled “I Spent 5 Hours Making a 30 Second Clip”, Arthur Morgan is shown stumbling through snowdrifts as he made his way towards the edge of a mountain. When it seems to take the plunge at the start of the chorus, the footage seamlessly transitions to show him traversing a variety of game regions. His journey takes him through towns, rail tunnels, a pond, a prairie. , farms, on someone’s porch and even directly to a moving train. The result, with its incredibly smooth transitions, is reminiscent of another Red Dead Redemption 2 Stew Bowl Challenge player video.

According to CartiGin, it indeed took them five hours to put this 31-second clip together, which may be more understandable once the chorus kicks in and Arthur begins his journey. The video’s almost uninterrupted walking animation is quite striking, but it’s also a full loop, meaning its ending blends smoothly into its beginning. This isn’t the first time that a fan has gone to great lengths to edit a video on Arthur Morgan, but it is perhaps one of the most impressive.

At the time of writing, it looks like the video has been warmly received by fans. Many reviewers under the original video said they were impressed with CartiGin’s editing skills and willingness to scour the map for the perfect shots. Several users have said that five hours is a small price to pay for Red Dead Redemption 2 video, especially since syncing pictures and adding background music probably took a while. Another user observed that Red Dead Redemption 2 was still an incredibly beautiful game.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is available on PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One.

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