Red Dead Redemption 3 doesn’t need Dutch and Hosea

There are already big speculations about what Red Dead Redemption 3 could bring to the franchise, but one thing it doesn’t need is more Dutch and Hosea. The older members of the Van Der Linde gang have both played big roles on the show before, and although there have been calls for RDR3 to show the glory days of the gang, their presence is not necessary in the next title. In fact, it might be better if Red Dead Redemption 2The sequel looked to the future rather than the past.


Nothing concrete came out Red Dead Redemption 3, and there are a few good reasons for that. For one thing, it looks like Rockstar is currently focused on the next Grand Automatic Flight 6with RDR3 still far in the future. However, with the franchise being a major success for the studio, Red Dead Redemption 3 is almost a certainty.

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As Reddit user SnooEagles3963 argued, Red Dead Redemption 3 doesn’t need Dutch and Hosea. Return to Dutch and Hosea after RDR2 would be a major waste of potential for the franchise. They are two fascinating characters, but they have already played their part. It’s time for games to move beyond them.

Red Dead Redemption 3 doesn’t need to go back in time

Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the most successful examples of a prequel in video game history. Arthur Morgan’s story was a moving journey that not only complemented the first game, but stood entirely on its own as an experience. It built on the gaps left in the story of the first game and turned Arthur into a character just as beloved as John, and maybe even more so.

One could argue that Red Dead Redemption 3 could be another prequel due to RDR2, but a second prequel would not have the same impact. What Red Dead Redemption 2 was to fill in a story and provide plenty of context as to why the first game played out the way it did. Not only that, but Arthur was a great story lead, allowing the player to see the downfall of the Van Der Linde gang through his eyes. However, the rise of Dutch and Hosea is not a story that requires the same level of exploration. Not only is there little to add to this story, but players already know more or less where this would lead.

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Going back further in the past would not serve the Red Dead Redemption good series. If anything, moving forward would be the best decision as there is more ground to cover in terms of story. Without a good direction for the story, Red Dead Redemption 3 could ruin the franchise. There are still many stories that RDR3 might say, but most of them are after the events of 2not in the past of Dutch and Hosea.

The story of Dutch & Hosea has already ended without RDR3 being able to win

Despite the Red Dead Redemption series having only two games, there is already something of a pattern that can be seen with them in terms of story. Each game so far has featured an outlaw protagonist who can be good or bad depending on how the player plays them. At the climax of each of their games, they have their final showdown and allow their loved ones to escape, earning the redemption that the game’s title implies.

Although there is no written rule stating that every game in the series must end the same way, the continuous thread of redemption seems to be important. However, fans of the first two games know that characters who find redemption in RDR2, Dutch and Hosea are not included. Despite being a pretty nice guy, Hosea is still a career criminal, and he dies failing to stop Dutch and Micah from tearing the gang apart. As for Dutch, he leads the Van Der Linde gang to ruin with his plans and his inability to compromise.

Even though Red Dead Redemption 3 dated back in time, it would be difficult to create a redemption story for Dutch or Hosea. Not only do they continue to operate as outlaws until their death, but their actions result in the deaths of many people both inside and outside of the Van Der Lindes. They have played their part in the story well, but there is nothing more than RDR3 could do for them. Even though RDR2 didn’t show Dutch’s glory days, there would be no point in focusing more on his past.

Red Dead Redemption 3 should focus on other RDR2 characters

The main argument in favor of the return of Dutch and Hosea for Red Dead Redemption 3 is to further develop the story of previous games. However, there are other characters that would be more appropriate to follow while further exploring the world. Dutch and Hosea’s stories were already written, but some other characters still have a lot of story potential.

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The surviving members of the Van Der Linde gang have the best possible hooks for a future story, especially Sadie and Charles. Sadie started working as a bounty hunter after she split from the remnants of the gang, and her career could provide a good starting point for the story. There is also a potential for RDR3 give Charles a happy ending after all he’s been through Red Dead Redemption 2. Charles left to try to start a family in the north after RDR2, and it could also bring great storytelling potential. Charles trying to establish a peaceful life, but having to use his learned fighting instincts to protect himself and his family, would be interesting. Plus, moving it north would likely provide a whole new set of locations to explore compared to previous games.

There are many characters who could wear Red Dead Redemption 3. The success of Arthur Morgan shows that the developers could even create a new character to drive the narrative as long as they were good enough. There are many RDR2 characters who could return in RDR3but Dutch and Hosea are not on this list.

Red Dead Redemption 3 needs a good story to live up to the high expectations raised by the newest game in the series. To do this, it needs strong characters to drive the narrative. Unfortunately, despite their pivotal role in the history of the Van Der Linde gang, Dutch and Hosea cannot provide the story that Red Dead Redemption 3 Needs.