Red Dead Redemption 3 May Leave The Old West (And Still Be A Western)

Red Dead Redemption and its sequel showed the fall of the Wild West, but the series could continue to be a western without the American border.

Although the Red Dead Redemption is comprised entirely of two westerns, a third game could possibly take place after the period known as the Wild West, without compromising the themes delineated by its predecessors. Many would say that Red Dead Redemption 3 should be another prequel, and while it certainly makes the most sense given the show’s current trajectory, many of its core ideas can be extrapolated to periods of time following the anarchy of American expansion to the west. Although the series has so far been set at the end of where traditional Westerns are set, there is plenty of room in the 20th century for more modern, quasi-Western stories.


The end of RDR coincides with the end of the Wild West. If the actual course of history is to be considered, the border was declared closed by the United States Census Bureau in 1890, which meant that the Old West had – in the eyes of the federal government – been settled. John Marston’s death came 21 years later in 1911, and when he was avenged by his son in 1914, the world was on the brink of World War I. The Wild West symbolically dies alongside the last members of the Van der Linde Gang, but the Western genre itself has enough leeway to allow a RDR3 unfold beyond the parameters of its predecessors.

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Rockstar’s western epics began with the often forgotten Red Death Revolverand while both Redemption mention the games Red Death Revolver characters, the two sub-series have completely isolated narratives. Following Red Dead RedemptionThe epilogue of, one of the only conceivable ways to move forward into a third game after the fall of the Wild West is to have a story centered on Jack Marston or Sadie Adler. The two potential protagonists have a glaring problem: the Redemption The duology is the story of the Van der Linde gang, which was long disbanded (and most recently hunted to death) in 1914. Sadie also mentions to John in RDR2the epilogue of a desire to live in South America, which would certainly be an interesting setting for a new red deathbut it would probably miss some of the general themes of the Redemption Games.

Jack Marston can survive the old west in RDR3

A Red Dead Redemption 3 might tell the story of Sadie Adler, but Jack Marston might be a better fit if the show wants to explore the aftermath of the American Wild West. Marston’s experiences with the federal government would likely lead him to dodge the World War I recording project, and his personal disdain for the Bureau of Investigation gives Rockstar a convenient way to explore the smugglers of the era of prohibition. The Roaring Twenties saw an increase in organized crime in the United States, particularly with regard to the illegal distillation and sale of alcohol. Jack Marston is the son of fugitives, thrust into a nation disillusioned by the industrialized violence of World War I. An ongoing feud with the BOI could be a direct line as Marston tries to make a name for himself in the criminal underworld of boomtown Midwest towns. .

The Wild West is heavily romanticized throughout the western genre, and in a third RDR, Marston could struggle with feeling like a man far from the good times, whose father was killed by the very figures who now enforce Prohibition. It also presents the opportunity for the BOI to remain the main villain of the series as it transforms into the FBI, known as the Federal Investigation Bureau in GTAwhere he later becomes a target in one of Grand Theft Auto V‘s robberies. Although the Van der Linde Gang is gone, there’s plenty of room for Jack to inherit his father’s life of crime, and could even provide some gameplay variety. New weapons are a given, and automobiles provide new transportation options. Bootlegging could evolve into bank robbery as the player encounters characters inspired by John Dillinger and Baby Face Nelson. It’s a big change from the traditional Western setting of RDR and its sequel, but could show the evolution of the American outlaw and the continued rise of federal crime fighting.

Red Dead Redemption 3 may seek new frontiers

Red Dead Redemption 3 can remain a western by expanding beyond the US border

Although Red Dead Redemption depicts the pacification of the Wild West, many westerns have a modern setting. The 2016 movie Against all odds is a great recent example of a western set in modern times, but RDR3 would not have to enter the 21st century. Although Cormac McCarthy All the pretty horses doesn’t have all the anti-Western themes of Red Dead Redemption, it’s a quintessential story about longing for a bygone Western way of life. When the novel begins in 1949, protagonist John Grady Cole learns that his late grandfather’s Texas ranch is going to be sold, and rather than move to town, he decides to pursue the life of a cowboy in Mexico. Even in the middle of the 20th century, John Grady found a border far less peaceful than that of the United States. The first one Red Dead RedemptionStaying south of the border leaves Jack Marston with plenty of narrative opportunities to search for a new kind of Old West.

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Jack Marston is one of Rockstar’s saddest characters, and there’s something poignant about him wandering a foreign land trying to find a place where he belongs. The era of the Wild West is completely over by the time Jack kills Edgar Ross in RDR‘s epilogue, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other boundaries that can be replaced. Although Red Dead Redemption has already left the United States – Mexico in the former and Guarma in the latter – a game that actively moves the protagonist out of the country would be new territory for Rockstar. The developer’s particular satire leans heavily on repeating American culture, and while that’s more important to Grand Theft Automoving to an environment primarily outside of the United States can be challenging for red death also. At the end of Red Dead RedemptionJack Marston is just 19, and while there’s no guarantee he’ll be the protagonist of a third game, his character shows that there are multiple avenues where the series could expand into the future. beyond the Wild West while retaining its Western status.

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