Red Dead Redemption fan recreates official screenshots in the sequel

Although nearly a decade has passed since the first best-selling cowboy shooter hit stores, Red Dead Redemption 2 and its previous installment remains one of the most influential open-world games to date. After all, their dedicated community has consistently been creative in producing stunning fan creations, such as cosplays, and even replicating Arthur Morgan’s unique drawing style. However, one player decided to pay homage to Rockstar Games’ western legacy with the in-game photo mode features.

The players noticed when Red Dead Redemption made its debut. The title featured an animated open world, an iconic Western soundtrack from David Ferguson and Woody Jackson, and attention to detail rarely matched by their industry counterparts. The remarkable success of RDR led to an equally world-famous sequel and garnered four wins out of eight 2018 Game Awards nominations. But more than the shootouts and bar fights that many experience the action-adventure series for, it is clear that the stylistic beauty of the synonymous images of the series has left a huge impact on the players.

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Now using Red Dead Redemption 2 in-game photo mode, Reddit user RipVanWinke11 remastered screenshots from the previous one Red Dead Redemption to a surprisingly precise degree. With John Marston, a recurring character in the franchise, this tribute has it all. With the handcuffed arms, the little brass buttons and the chunky hat, this graphically modern version of the crooked outlaw seeking absolution essentially offers a glimpse of what a Red Dead Redemption remaster may look like.

At the head of the gallery is an accurate recreation of the hardened outlaw set in front of the classic purple and gold backdrop, with a large weapon pointed straight out for good measure. For the uninitiated, the original image is the art of the initial box Red Dead Redemption. Since its reveal in 2010, it has proven to strike a chord with gamers and artists alike, with an artist using this style to develop a fully interactive game. Red Dead Redemption IPhone user interface.

The following recreations are based on screenshots from Red Dead Redemption. Like scenes from a spaghetti western, they gallantly show John Marston performing a myriad of actions such as throwing his six-shotgun to roam the roads of Blackwater escorted by Pinkerton agents. Ending the post is a reference to the infamous “Elegant Suit”, a fashionable outfit unlocked when the player first initiates a game of poker.

Overall, the artist’s meticulous attention in making this recreation gallery perfectly demonstrates just how iconic the iconic Red Dead Redemption is for gamers. Unlike other games, which fade over time, it’s safe to say that John Marston, Arthur Morgan, and their outlaw gang will continue to play an important role in the game for a very long time. long time.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is out now on PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One.

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Source: Reddit

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