Rockstar Games Pulls Twitter Ad After Elon Musk’s Turbulent Takeover

Rockstar Games has stopped advertising on Twitter after days of unrest caused by the social network’s new owner, Elon Musk. It’s no surprise that one of the biggest game developers in the world has followed a significant number of brands and agencies that have suspended the display of ads in users’ timeline feeds. The last week or so of Musk’s tenure was so absurd it could have been written for the next entry in the Grand Theft Auto series.

Rockstar had a long and extensive advertising campaign for GTA V and GTA Online. Targeted users will have seen posts of the latest content update trailers of weekly events taking place in and around Los Santos for some time. Grand Theft Auto Online is a live service game that gets a new series of events every week and social media advertising has been a key part of Rockstar’s strategy to show gamers a reason to get into the game. .

How do we know Rockstar has shut down.

The official Rockstar Games Twitter account has nearly 15 million followers and their posts often go viral. With so much love for the studio and anticipation for what’s to come, they’ve been an easy target for impersonation ever since changes were made to verification. The verification change saga has led to so many high profile brands and the likeness of public figures being used by anyone. This has created uncertainty in brand marketing and the stability of Twitter itself.

Here’s what the official tag looked like before it was removed from the Rockstar Game profile.

Twitter rolled out a change earlier today that brought back the much criticized official tag to some verified accounts. According to a announcement done in Twitter’s internal Slack, they “added the ‘official’ label for advertisers ONLY.” This means that Rockstar Games has effectively suspended all forms of advertising on Twitter for the time being.

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