Rockstar Games Shares Ray Liotta’s Tribute After GTA: Vice City Actor’s Death

Rockstar Games has paid tribute to actor Ray Liotta, the man responsible for bringing Grand Theft Auto Vice CityIt’s Tommy Vercetti to life. According to Deadline, Ray Liotta died in his sleep last night while filming a movie in the Dominican Republic. His cause of death is unknown, but many are mourning the loss of the 67-year-old actor who is a staple in cinema. Liotta has acted in films like Freedmen, field of dreams, The many saints of Newark, and he even parodied himself in The bee movie, showing that he could poke fun at the badass persona that Hollywood helped him create. Players will know him as Tommy Vercetti in Grand Theft Auto Vice Cityone of the franchise’s most memorable characters due to his personality, aesthetics, and twists.

Rockstar Games shared a nice tribute to Ray Liotta on Twitterr, remembering the actor and his contributions to the Grand Theft Auto franchise. Many had hoped to see Liotta reprise the role at some point, though Rockstar clearly drew a line between “3D” and “HD” games, stating that they were part of different universes. Nevertheless, that hasn’t stopped fans from theorizing that Vercetti is returning as the protagonist of Grand Theft Auto V after watching the trailer. The character they were basing these theories on turned out to be Michael, who is unrelated to Vercetti, but bears a slight resemblance to Liotta. Rockstar Games has confirmed they are working on the next Grand Theft Auto game and many believe it will be set in Vice City. If that turns out to be true, maybe Rockstar will include a small tribute or Easter egg dedicated to Liotta in the game.

Last year, Rockstar Games re-released Grand Theft Auto games from the PS2 era for modern consoles. Although it had a rocky launch, the developer has ironed out some of the trilogy’s biggest issues and made them more enjoyable. For those who haven’t yet enjoyed Ray Liotta’s performance in Grand Theft Auto Vice Citythe remake of the game is something any fan of Grand Theft Auto or Ray Liotta should play.

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