Rockstar games that need remakes

rock star games is one of the most popular studios in the video game industry, especially for the creation of the Grand Theft Auto series and a few other titles that followed soon after. While fans have been desperately awaiting any major news regarding their next entry in the series, there are also other IPs that many would like to see redone with technology available to Rockstar today.

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Despite rumors that Rockstar is shelving plans to remasterprevious titles among their plethora of games, the possibility of future remakes always remains as seen with the Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition remasters, and fans of the studio would definitely be in on it.


6 The Warriors

For many new gamers who aren’t so familiar with older Rockstar entries, this is a title that garnered critical acclaim when it was released on PlayStation 2. Considering its “Beat- ‘Em Up’, it featured some of the most engaging melee combat any Rockstar game has shown to date, giving each of its characters a unique set of moves.

With the massive growth and advancement in technology as we see in their modern titles such as Auto grand theft 5and Red Dead Redemption 2, a remake of this title would be justified. Not only will this give players who have never had the chance to get their hands on the game a better way to experience it, but it will also add to the catalog of hit titles that Rockstar is currently famous for.

5 Manhunt Series

These are some of the Rockstar titles that are often called the most controversial, given the levels of violence depicted in them. So much so that at the time of Manhunt 2Upon its release, the game was banned in countries around the world, including the United Kingdom. Red Dead Redemption 2 also suffered the same fate after being banned in Saudi Arabia due to its violence and nudity.

If Rockstar intends to remake either of these two titles, there are several ways to do so. Whether they maintain the levels of violence portrayed or choose to censor some or most of it would benefit fans of the studio who haven’t played the title and would also be of interest to those familiar with those games.

4 bully

bully is one of the most unique games Rockstar Games has created over the years, and maintains a far less gritty and mature tone than their other titles contain. Many fans have been calling for a remake of the game after its surge in popularity and a preview of what would have been a sequel that would have been canceled.

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Given the emphasis on developing Grand Automatic Flight 6, it’s more unlikely that fans will have their desired reunion with this title, but it’s not out of the question. If Rockstar’s wish is to revamp this title to its full potential, fans would be very grateful, and even more so if followed by a sequel.

3 Grand Theft Auto (GTA 1)

The kickstarter for Rockstar Games (Rockstar North at the time), Grand Theft Auto must receive a remake. As the first game released by the studio in 1997, few new entry gamers would be familiar with this game, and it’s an unlikely title for gamers to revisit. Given its exaggerated camera view and gap in game features compared to grand theft auto 4 and 5a title overhaul is desperately needed.

For some, a remake would be considered almost as if it were an all-new title and the introduction of all the current features of their modern titles. As the first game from the studios, it’s only reasonable for Rockstar to produce a faithful recreation giving fans the opportunity to let fans experience the game in the best way possible.

2 Red Dead Redemption

After Red Dead Redemption 2in 2018, players were able to experience a level of realism and open-world quality that no other Rockstar title has achieved before. Based on rumours, this was one of the titles that was in line for a remaster until the focus shifted to GTA 6. Despite this, it might turn out to be good news later, as Rockstar might change the designs to suit a full remake for Red Dead Redemption rather than a remaster.

If this turns out to be the case, the most important thing for Rockstar would be to implement all the aspects that have made Red Dead Redemption 2 the critically acclaimed title that it is, which would ultimately improve the big game Red Dead Redemption is still.

1 grand theft auto san andreas

As one of the titles among the collection of remasters within the GTA trilogy and his disappointment among fans and critics, San Andreas remains one of the most requested remakes by fans and gamers of the franchise. Given GTA 5and the “Grove Street” interview, Rockstar has already set the stage for a potential remake.

This would see many of Rockstar’s current innovations in recent games implemented in San Andreas, and with the game having the longest playtime in the series, players would seize the opportunity to play it once again or even for the first time. Considered one of the greatest games of all time, especially in the era of the PlayStation 2, Rockstar would be doing its fanbase a big service by showing more love to a well-known classic.

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