RUMOR: ‘Grand Theft Auto VI’ Hacker Sold ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Source Code, Others Seek to Sell It

Online rumors claim that Grand Theft Auto VI hacker sold the source code for Grand Theft Auto Vand others seek to resell it.

Source: [Archive] Teapotuberhacker via GTA Forums

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After the first development images of Grand Theft Auto VI was leaked online, “Teapotuberhacker” also claimed responsibility for the Uber hack earlier this month. Following our initial report, UK authorities arrested and charged a 17-year-old suspect with two counts of breaching bail conditions and two counts of computer misuse.

In court, the youngster was accused of hacking into businesses and “holding them to ransom” by prosecutors. The poster of the Grand Theft Auto VI The leakers had asked any potential employees of Rockstar Games or Take Two Interactive to contact them via their corporate email address as they were “seeking to work out a deal”.

Grand Theft Auto Online (2013), Rockstar Games

The suspect has pleaded not guilty to computer misuse and the trial will be moved to a higher court. US federal law enforcement has worked with UK police, finding similarities in hacks against Uber and Rockstar Games, as well as attacks on Microsoft, Okta and Nvidia over the past two years. Two other people are believed to have been involved in the Uber and Rockstar Games hacks, and arrests are expected.

Things may have already escalated, however. “Ja77Guy11” from r/GamingLeaksAndRumours claims “Apparently GTA 6 leaker sold GTA V source code via telegram group before being arrested, says admin verifies buyer’s claim, uploads new source code screenshot.”

Source: Reddit Ja77Guy11

“Obviously I can’t post a group link,” Ja77Guy11 prefaced, “but the admin of the group that the GTA 6 teapot leaker was only using to communicate verified that on the day GTAForums was posted, he had sold the GTA 5 source code to another member of the group, who shared a new screenshot of the source code as proof.The buyer allegedly put the source code up for sale, according to the admin who shared his @telegram.

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The screenshot shows “Phil” allegedly discussing the Auto grand theft 5 selling source code from a Telegram user, whose username is redacted. Under the ‘GTA Leak Discussion’ Phil shows a (censored) screenshot of what should be Auto grand theft 5the source code of.

Promotional art for Grand Theft Auto V, Rockstar Games

Promotional art for Grand Theft Auto V, Rockstar Games

They state “GTA 5 Source Code for sale, serious offers only at: @[redacted]- he bought the teapot source code on the first day. He’s the one I said bought the teapot source code,” Phil reiterates, “he has all the evidence, I even asked him for specific files.

Phil cites an article about deleted accounts, stating “All GTA 5 source codes and assets are available. With GTA…” Ja77Guy11 insists that “Teapot” is the “deleted account”, the same hacker who posted on the GTA Forums.

Grand Theft Auto V (2013), Rockstar Games

“This group is the only group the backer has spoken to, and he used it to sell gta 5 source code,” Phil insists, “as you can see from the post I’m replying to, that’s why he was easy to find someone who bought.”

“The lessor made sure to sell it before he was arrested, and it appears to be one of the only people who managed to buy it from Tea Pot,” Phil offers. “And if my band isn’t believable enough for you, I’m not asking you to trust me, CHECK!” @[redacted] can prove it, and thanks to him, the source code for gta 5 is still for sale.

Source: Reddit Ja77Guy11

If the alleged screenshot is true, it would be devastating for Rockstar Games. grand theft auto onlinee, the inline component of Grand Theft Auto V which shares the same source code, grossed $911 million per year as of 2021 and just over $2.5 million per day.

If the source code is exposed, hackers could exploit not only multiplayer matches in Grand Theft Auto V, but grand theft auto onlineWe may be subject to cheaters, hackers, DDoS attacks, etc. What happens next depends on whether the source code is genuine, sold, or even publicly shared.

Grand Theft Auto V (2013), Rockstar Games

What do you think? East GTA V too long in the tooth for hacking the source code to matter, or does Rockstar have a big mess on their hands?

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