Saints Row could go multiplayer after launch

A source at Volition and player impressions imply that the Saints Row reboot could have multiplayer, unlike anything the series has yet done.

Since the release of its original title, Saints Row has often been compared to Grand Theft Auto Games. While that may have been true for the early installments of the franchise, Volition made concerted efforts to move away from those similarities and establish a truly unique identity based on over-the-top gameplay, parodies, and self-referential humor – a decision that started with Saints Row 3 and eventually escalated to the scope of the player character fighting an existential alien threat as President of the United States.


Many wondered where the Saints Row the games would go next – which boundary remained intact – and the solution was simple: reboot everything, learning from its four episodes, and using them as building blocks to catapult the franchise in a bold new direction. The Reboot – simply titled Saints Row – had a controversial trailer that concerned longtime fans of the game, but as new stuff started to come out and more information about the game became public, the community warmed to the possibility that Volition could offer something really special.

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While Saints Row will feature co-op multiplayer from the get-go, people who have had a chance to play the game have expressed that not only does it feel like the developers will be adding full-scale multiplayer sometime after launch, but that the framework was already largely there. Multiplayer has been part of the franchise since the very first game, but it had never been fully realized as a concept like Rockstar did with Auto grand theft 5 or Red Dead Redemption 2 multiplayer mode.

It’s unclear at the time if Volition is ready to take the franchise in this direction. That being said, a company source strongly hinted to WhatIfGaming that a multiplayer mode is indeed coming to Saints Row. Whatever form this multiplayer might take, it will likely use Saints Row’s new mechanics to deliver the proper energy experience the series is known for.

Chief among these includes a passive perk system complemented by active abilities spent by Flow, a resource system that replenishes by engaging in combat and dealing damage. In the same way, Saints Row features no health regeneration and instead relies on execution to replenish a player’s health (or the health of their vehicles). Killing an enemy or blowing up a car – this is the only way to get your life back. Mayhem and mayhem aren’t just fostered by the game; they are now part of the gameplay itself.

Whether players choose to hit the streets of Santo Ileso alone or with a friend, these new concepts promise an exciting experience on paper – and if rumors are to be believed – that experience will also go live later.

Saints Row releases August 23 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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Source: WhatIfGaming

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