Saints Row fan casts Red Dead’s John Marston as character designer

With the release of the highly anticipated Saints Row reboot waiting just around the corner, the developers have released a downloadable demo that lets fans try out one of the franchise’s most beloved features. Known as the Saints Row Boss Factory, this nifty free content allows players to create the playable character they wish they could use more in the full version when it comes out in late August. While many have created original characters, some players are using the demo to recreate iconic pop culture characters such as Tanya from the first Saints Row game and Johnny Silverhand’s Cyberpunk 2077.


Fortunately, in terms of depth, the Saints Row Boss Factory offers many features. Not only can players design everything from how their in-game character sounds – with the Boss Factory featuring up to eight voices to choose from – but also how the character’s face and body type are shaped. Going deeper, players can also customize their character’s clothing and accessories. In short, it is clear that the last Saints Row already has some of the deepest customizations the franchise has ever seen, as it offers players more personalized features than ever before.

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Make sure to put extended features in the Saints Row Boss Factory wisely, Reddit user MANBEHINDTHESCENES has masterfully recreated legendary outlaw and acquittal seeker John Marston of the Red Dead Redemption series. Pretty much everything that makes Marston such an instantly recognizable character makes the cut in this Saints Row interpretation, such as his ghoulish black hair, signature cowboy hat, and short, patchy beard. On top of that, MANBEHINDTHESCENES has perfectly replicated Marston’s signature claw scars that mark the right side of his face.

For those who don’t know who Red Dead Redemption John Marston is, he remains one of the most important characters in Rockstar Games’ western action-adventure series. As the main protagonist of 2010s Red Dead Redemption, and reappearing as a major character in its 2018 sequel, Marston is an outlaw on a seemingly endless quest to protect his family from both the law and the law. and its past. While Marston is truly searching deep down to become a better person, the brutal American frontier often forces him to commit some pretty gruesome offenses in the name of redemption.

Intricate creations like this prove that the latest Saints Row certainly has a lot of flexibility in terms of character creation, with MANBEHINDTHESCENES even being able to accurately resurrect a cowboy in-game. Hopefully, with the game set to hit stores soon, the community will have more recreations of pop culture to share once she gets her hands on the ultimate version.

Saints Row is scheduled for August 23 on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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