‘Save Red Dead Online’ Social Media Campaign Deserves More Recognition

When red dead online was released, no one expected him to do as well as grand theft auto online. Sure, we could discuss gameplay, online elements, griefing, and all the differences between the two any day of the week, but red dead online still has a dedicated following of players. Many of these players, unfortunately, feel ignored.

red dead online is an online-only live service game. It is obviously closer to GTA online than battle royale games, but communication is key for all of these games. Yes fortnite did not receive constant communications and fixes, if Apex Legends neither from its developer, so the games wouldn’t retain the popularity they have now. Communication is still a key complaint in what could be seen as a “failing” live service game.


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Rockstar’s Deafening Silence on #SaveRedDeadOnline Says It All

This is notable because, despite constant pleas from gamers, Rockstar has been largely silent about the #SaveRedDeadOnline social media campaign. Players have serious problems with lack of content or even communication. It’s hard to say when it all started, but when red dead online revealed its first update this year, many fans were upset with the stripped down and lackluster offerings. The #SaveRedDeadOnline hashtag has trended on several occasions, but it only got worse.

Many have noted how much attention Rockstar has given to grand theft auto online lately – autonomous GTA online version, remasters of the GTA Trilogy, GTA 5 reissues and the recent announcement of GTA 6-and see them as negligence for Red Death. Now, that’s largely concerning because Rockstar has dropped several games and IPs for red death and GTAand it’s not impossible red death falls by the wayside GTA. After all, Auto grand theft 5The impact of ‘ on the industry cannot be underestimated – from a business point of view, betting on GTA logic. It doesn’t make gamers happy, though, if other beloved games become the sacrifices for that success.

The fact that red dead online hasn’t received a significant update all year, making the contrast between the two franchises stand out even more. In fact, data miners have apparently found a new red dead online update in the files, which sounds good, except that many say it won’t be released until July at the earliest and September at the most likely. It would ultimately come down to a big red dead online updated this year… if it was even a major update.

What #SaveRedDeadOnline needs more than anything is recognition from Rockstar. And given how many clung to red dead online over the past year, if not more, players deserve to know if red dead online is the following No Man’s Sky or the next Anthem.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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