Several GTA 6 protagonists would ruin its story

Grand Theft Auto 6 has a lot of potential, and it needs one protagonist, not multiple ones, to tie it all together and avoid the mistakes of GTA 5.

After nine long years, Rockstar Games has announced a new entry in the beloved Grand Theft Auto series, GTA 6but he must avoid a GTA 5 error in order to be the best possible game. GTA 5 featured three distinct protagonists, and although multiple protagonists may be added to some games, GTA is not one. Having a single protagonist that lasts the whole game is probably the best choice and would help GTA 6 be even better than its predecessor.

In GTA 5, the story follows three distinct protagonists – Michael De Santa, Franklin Clinton and Trevor Phillips. The three find themselves deeply entrenched in the criminal underbelly of Los Santos and must pull off a series of heists to survive. Each of them is playable, and each has its own past and story to tell. Some say that San Andreas is the best GTA game, but GTA 5 still has redeeming qualities. Michael is a former bank robber trying to retire from crime, Franklin is a petty criminal trying to find his way in the world, and Trevor is a violent psychopath selling drugs in a trailer park. Over the course of the story, they all find themselves, often reluctantly, working together.


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GTA 5The multiple protagonists muddled the story and made it too complicated, which GTA 6 must avoid. Stepping away from the previous game and going into its own story with a singular playable character can open up the next one. GTA and give it more options to rework GTA 5repetitive story missions. the Red Dead Redemption series is a perfect example of this and should serve as a model for GTA 6 work with. Although details about the game are still largely unknown, now that it is officially confirmed, GTA 6The release date of and news about its features could arrive at any time.

GTA 6 needs to keep its story simple

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GTA 6 is something fans of the series, and Rockstar Games in general, have been asking for for a long time. Its confirmation of development came with the exaltation of GTA players, and many are eagerly awaiting news and leaks. However, that same hype means he has to be careful. Overcomplicating the story could be the downfall of the next GTA and go from the most anticipated game of the year to the worst flop in Rockstar history. Several protagonists could do just that. The overlapping narratives and interwoven history of GTA 5 are part of what makes the game what it is, but it’s something that GTA 6 should avoid in order to make it the best possible game with the best story it can have. GTA 6The story should not interfere with the gameplay and vice versa.

Focus on a protagonist in GTA 6 could do wonders for the game. It would keep the story simple and follow a character as they try to find their way through whatever setting the game ends up having. After the disaster that was GTA trilogy‘s Definitive Edition, Rockstar needs to show its fanbase that it’s learned from its past mistakes, and that might be exactly what it needs to do. Get away from GTA 5 is equally important, as the company has been dealing with it since its release.

GTA 6 Must Avoid GTA 5 Mistakes

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GTA 5 was the most successful game Rockstar has made so far. It’s been loved by gamers since its release, but it’s not without its share of issues. Putting everything else aside, the story mode falters as the game progresses and quickly becomes boring and repetitive. GTA 5Improved next-gen changes can’t fix its story mode falling flat. The series of heists that Michael, Franklin and Trevor undertake turns into a relentless drudgery that is often ignored in favor of other activities. Story mode loses to GTA onlinewhich gives players the freedom to do whatever they want, unhindered by the endless heists of the main game.

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Only one protagonist could release GTA 6 from the shadow of GTA 5 opening up new opportunities for story and gameplay. Instead of focusing on how the three protagonists are forced to work together to survive the FIB, GTA 6 could tell the story of a person and their individual struggle to succeed in the world. New types of missions would be available without the need to show off the chemistry that is built between Michael, Franklin, and Trevor when they pull off the heists in the game. GTA 6The trailer for isn’t expected to come out for a while, but hopefully it will feature a protagonist so the game can stand on its own and avoid getting locked into heists. GTA 5 did.

GTA 6 must learn from Red Dead Redemption

The complete Red Dead Redemption and RDR2 timeline through Arthur Morgan and John Marston and Jack Marston

Red Dead Redemption serves as a perfect example of how a single protagonist would GTA 6 better. Although it features multiple protagonists, each gets their own play, John Marston with the original RDR and Arthur Morgan with RDR2. The story modes are much better and show how John and Arthur grow as people and change over the course of their respective games. They sometimes repeat their missions, but there’s a lot more variety, and the stories still focus on Arthur and John as individuals as well as members of the Van der Linde gang. A singular protagonist that the game would follow through the story would help GTA 6 be more like RDR2deepening its story without complicating it and allowing for more character development.

Arthur Morgan and John Marston themselves should also serve as models for GTA 6is the protagonist. They are both complicated human beings with their own drive and ambition, and over time RDR and RDR2, players find themselves sympathizing with them, especially as John takes on Edgar Ross’ army and Arthur slowly succumbs to tuberculosis. In comparison, the GTA 5 the protagonists seem superficial and unsympathetic, especially Trevor. Red Dead Redemption is a much better model to rely on for gaming than GTA 5complicated story, repetitive gameplay and flat protagonists. Grand Theft Auto should take elements of RDR to make one GTA 6 protagonist who will stand above those who came before them.

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