Side encounter: how to end a side encounter and the locations of side anomalies explained •

Travel to alternate dimensions to kill monsters!

Side encounters are a new in-match mini-game that you can complete in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8.

Fighting in a Sideways encounter will help you collect using loot, like Sideways weapons, and complete a number of challenges in quest punch cards. However, you must first know how to find the Lateral anomalies locations.

Below you will discover how to end a side encounter now that they are no longer disabled from the game.

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The locations of side anomalies in Fortnite explained

The easiest way to find the location of a Side Anomaly is to open the Fortnite map where they will appear as purple rifts. You then place a marker on your favorite anomaly and head there once you’re well prepared.

Examples of purple faults indicating lateral anomalies.

It’s important to note that the locations on the map above are just examples and not fixed locations – don’t expect rifts to appear at these locations in your match! Side Anomalies will also move across the map, disappearing and reappearing in new locations as it progresses. Therefore, if you want to participate, you must keep an eye on their location.

When you get close to a side defect, it will actually appear as a purple crack, until you get too close and it grows into a mini side area. Here you will participate in a Sideways meetup.

Enter the rifts to start a side encounter.

How to complete a Sideways encounter in Fortnite

Side encounters in Fortnite involve battling waves of cubic monsters until you fill up the orange challenge bar at the top of your screen. If you are successful, you will complete the Sideways encounter. There is a catch though and it comes in the form of a timer.

Complete the progress bar to complete a Sideways encounter.

This timer starts every time you enter a side encounter and when it ends, the encounter does the same. To increase this timer, you need to kill cubic monsters, with the stronger monsters providing more time, so if you want to complete the encounter, be sure to target the stronger monsters.

If you don’t, the Sideways encounter will end and you will lose your progress towards completion.

Pay attention to the timer.

Fortunately, any loot you receive from killing Cubic Monsters or Sideways Chests will remain on the map whether or not you successfully complete Sideways encounters. This means that you can focus only on opening chests, which, thanks to the lower gravity allowing you to jump higher and avoid monsters, is a good strategy for finding side weapons.

Side chests can be found in the side encounters.

You can also have multiple Sideways encounters per match, so don’t worry if the time runs out.

Other players can enter your Sideways encounter and you all share the same progress bar, so it’s worth keeping them alive. Until the end of the meeting, of course.

A Sideways meeting already underway.

When it comes to attending a Sideways encounter, we recommend that you collect some good weapons, gather healing items, and build your shields a bit in advance. While you can collect ammo and increase your shield by killing the cubic monsters, it will ensure you are properly prepared and increase your chances of completing the Sideways encounter.

It will also help you complete any Sideways related challenges, such as Torin’s Punch Card Final Challenge.

Use lower gravity to your advantage.

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