Star Wars lightsabers could return to Fortnite

A recent mining leak hints at the return of the franchise’s most iconic melee weapon, and it could be here in time to celebrate Star Wars Day.

fortnite cross-events with star wars The franchise looks set to continue, as a recent leak suggests the sci-fi series’ iconic melee weapon is about to return to the game.

A fortnite Data miner @Lunakis_Leaks on Twitter recently discovered that four different lightsabers will return to the game in the Chapter 3 Season 2 update, including those of Luke Skywalker, Rey, Kylo Ren, and Mace Windu. All four have featured in the game before and allow players to hit and block incoming attacks. Images of each blade in action can be seen below.

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Lightsabers first appeared in-game as part of a Star Wars Day celebration in May 2019, then returned the following year for the same event. Given that Star Wars Day 2022 is right around the corner on May 4, the leak suggests lightsabers could return for a similar event. Recently, observant viewers noted that an Unreal Engine 5 trailer appeared to reveal that fortnite plans to add Darth Vader as a skin to the game soon. Whether the skin and lightsabers will release as part of the same event remains to be seen.

Previously, Fortnite released other skins for the star wars franchise. End of 2020, fortnite added The Mandalorian‘s Mando and Grogu in response to the series’ overwhelming popularity. As part of the promotion of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, fortnite added skins for Rey, Finn, and a Sith Trooper, plus additional goodies such as a First Order TIE Fighter glider, a star wars emote and a gift banner.

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Fortnite started life as a cooperative third-person shooter, but its free-to-play competitive battle royale mode led the game to develop a life of its own. The game has become one of the most popular in the world since its launch in 2017, collaborating with several major franchises to add popular characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, DC Extended Universe, naruto and stranger things. Recently, they even cast Dwayne Johnson as fortniteThe original character from The Foundation. Players can join up to 100 other players to compete solo, duo, or squad against others until only one remains.

fortnite is available on multiple gaming platforms including Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Windows, Nintendo Switch, macOS, iOS, and Android devices.

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