SypherPK presents one of the most expensive Fortnite lockers of all time

With the recent rise of the site, insane player spending on Fortnite skins, cosmetics, and more. have been revealed. is a third-party website that reveals the amount of V-bucks a particular player has spent on their locker.

Many pros have come to discourage others from using this website because it can access a player’s profile without the supervision of Epic Games.

In any case, that rage has revealed some of Fortnite‘s richest lockers, including that of iconic streamer SypherPK. The popular streamer recently revealed his record, which he apparently spent $ 25,000 on.

While fans may gasp at the amount, the streamer has already spent absurd amounts of money on skins and cosmetics. But that makes sense to him because technically it’s Sypher’s job to explore every available element of the game and break it down for fans.

Since he’s a content creator, the money Sypher spent on his Fortnite locker can be seen as an investment in a business.

SypherPK’s Fortnite locker has all of the best skins in the game

SypherPK kicked off the tour of his locker by reviewing some of the best skins he’s ever owned, starting with the Dark Fallen Rangers skin – which is part of the Dark series. He then introduced the Frozen Love Rangers skin and said:

“I remember when they dropped those Frozen Love Rangers and the Frozen set. It was pretty cool, around winter.”

He even flaunted the outfit his wife wore during one of their Fortnite streams together, the ARK outfit from the Eternal Struggle skin set. He went on to talk about the Mandalorian outfit and said that it has one of the worst POIs in the game.

SypherPK later confessed that watching them made him nostalgic.

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