The 10 Most Iconic Opening Cutscenes In Video Games, Ranked

First impressions are often the most important. This is also true of people and entertainment. Just as the first five pages of a book must capture the reader’s attention and the first few minutes of a movie must convince the viewer to continue, the beginning of a video game must hook the player to the journey they are on. the point to begin.

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As the popularity of video games has skyrocketed over the past few decades, they have become as beloved media as famous movies and TV episodes. By creating the plot and establishing the basic premise of the game from the start, the cinematic opening cutscenes of some video games have quickly become iconic.

ten Skyrim’s opening has become a meme

While the jury is still out on whether The Elder Scrolls V: SkyrimThe intro cutscene of is actually good or not, there’s no denying that it’s become famous. The first line of “Hey, you’re finally awake” is haunting gamers so much that fans have made a meme out of it to share their experience.

Almost everyone who interacts with gaming communities has seen some version of this Skyrim same. The game welcomes players to a highly customizable open world full of choices by placing them in a cart for several minutes, leaving the player unable to do anything but listen to other people’s conversations.

9 Red Dead Redemption gently sets the stage

When players first start Red Dead Redemption, the opening cutscene tells them everything they need to know before giving even one gameplay instruction. The cutscene clearly lays out the setting, time period, conflicts, and main themes without clunky exposition or storytelling.

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Interestingly, the protagonist, John Marston, says nothing during the entire scene. Instead, he listens to his fellow travelers on the train. The moment the player takes control, he knows exactly what kind of existential threats he will face and what dangers await him in the wild.

It’s not uncommon for video game protagonists to die, either at the hands of the player or the writer. However, Mass Effect 2 takes a different approach, revealing Shepard’s death to players before they have a chance to intervene.

This footage tells fans of Mass Effecthow the stakes have risen without relying on wordy descriptions or comparisons. Having players watch their own protagonist, whom they created in the previous game, suffer in the endless void of space perfectly explains how dire the situation has become.

seven Half-Life presented an entire world

half lifeThe opening scene of may not be the most action-packed cutscene in the world, but it’s memorable for that very reason. Before Gordon Freeman’s infamous experiment throws the world into utter chaos, players learn about this world in the most mundane way possible.

It’s just another day at Black Mesa, and everyone, including the audience, is trudging through the usual routine of their morning commute. half life perfectly sets up a sense of dread regarding the calamity that is sure to follow. With every passing second, players know that the peace Gordon feels on the train won’t last.

6 Fallout 4 maintained the reputation of the series with new methods

fans of the To fall know the iconic opening line of every game: “War. War never changes.” To fall has earned a reputation for consistent quality in each of the games intro cutscenes.

Among them, Fallout 4 stands out for its use of new techniques and for being the second game in the series to employ a different narrator. Fallout 4became the first game in the franchise to incorporate live-action sequences into its opening cutscene, aptly revealing how the world has reached the post-apocalyptic state players find it in.

Among the iconic intro scenes, no gamer can ignore the impact of the original Solid metal gear. From the moment Solid Snake breaks through a nuclear base filled with highly armed enemies, players are hooked.

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Not only Solid metal gear popularizing and reinventing the stealth genre, but it also set the standard for opening cutscenes and what they could accomplish. This scene expertly explained the protagonist’s objective and the stakes via audio of a mission briefing, setting the mood for the game.

4 Uncharted 2 jumps straight into the action

It’s hard for players to forget an opening cutscene like the one in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. Within seconds, fans discover that the series’ protagonist, Nathan Drake, is critically injured and in dire straits, on a train hanging off the edge of a snowy cliff.

Not only is the player unable to rectify the situation before Nate begins to fall, he doesn’t even know how he got there in the first place. By the time the chapter title fades and the player is in control, they must climb into the crashed train car to break Nate out and find out what started the whole mess.

3 Final Fantasy VII’s Opening Was Like Never Seen Before

When Final Fantasy VII First created in 1997, 3D graphics technology was just beginning to take its first steps. Despite these limitations, Square Enix pulled off an opening cinematic that rocked the gaming world.

Final Fantasy VII introduced players to an entire city in minutes while the epic score leapt in the background, making the cutscene feel like the start of an unforgettable adventure. Final Fantasy VII was also among the first video games to have seamless transition of cutscenes and gameplay, a revolutionary concept at the time.

2 Kingdom Hearts II provided a nice reintroduction

Being the first main game after a long series of spin-off titles, Kingdom Hearts 2 had his work cut out for him. Needing to reintroduce players to the world, its opening cinematic achieved that goal and became a work of art in its own right.

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Marked by Utada Hikaru’s signature song “Sanctuary,” the cutscene at the start of Kingdom Hearts 2 so far the story has been presented beautifully, where each character stood and their goals. In a series known for its stunning intro cutscenes, Kingdom Hearts 2 exceeded the standard of miles.

1 The Last of Us broke gamers’ hearts

The opening cinematic of a game about survival in the zombie apocalypse would never be happy. However, what players saw at the start of The last of us turned out to be far more heartbreaking than they could have ever imagined.

Players spent just enough time with Joel and his family to feel connected to them, only to see Joel suffer the loss of his daughter as chaos gripped the world. Not only would this tragedy become the driving force behind Joel’s actions, but it would also fuel those of the players.

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