The Best Minigames Rockstar Should Bring Back

A life of crime can be overestimated quickly in Grand Theft Auto since each mission throws all sorts of criminal activity at players every turn. Sometimes gamers just want to breathe in the digital life of the city, and that’s where minigames shine. All GTA has its own theme and selection of these minigames. GTA 6 is no exception to this and fans and would-be gamers can expect mini-games to feature in the future (and elusive) title.

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Some of the best and most memorable of these minigames, however, are notably absent in GTA 5. There are custom games available for resourceful and creative players, but they’re not as solid as what developers can implement. It turns out that everything from gambling to street sports is a nice reprieve from criminal activity. So hoping these minigames come back for GTA 6.


8 Go out together

There is a semblance of dating in GTA 5 in the form of Trevor’s fetishized escapades, but it bears little resemblance to the care and complexity of a relationship unlike GTA San Andreasdating mini-game. In this title, CJ had his pick of girlfriends scattered across the three towns in the game. He has to take them to a restaurant and figure out their idea for fun.

The game also gives more meaning to these relationships by ensuring that they can fail, whether through CJ’s lack of play or if he ever cheats. grand theft auto 4had something similar, but it’s a bit limited compared to San Andreas‘ mini game. GTA 6 could use something like this to better personify its protagonists and give them more dimensions outside of their criminal careers. It can also fit in well with some story missions.

seven Low Rider Challenge

More San Andreas, The Lowrider Challenge is practically just a musical rhythm game where players press the correct directional buttons to make their lowrider car dance to the beat. It’s a perfect excuse for players to customize their lowrider vehicles and add a little more flavor to the game with its more Latino gang culture focus. Plus, it’s a wacky and humorous mini-game suitable for a GTA Title.

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Plus, this could be a great opportunity for the game to put its stellar soundtrack to good use, as licensing these could have cost Rockstar Studios a hefty sum. That’s a shame GTA 5 didn’t include something as innocent and refreshing as that. The game could have used more intact cultural cornerstones instead of just being a soulless parody of contemporary Los Angeles society.

6 Swimming pool

Submit to grand theft auto 4 and GTA San Andreas, billiards is a good refreshing detour for players who prefer to shoot balls into holes rather than balls into people. Both CJ and Niko got to play a match with an AI opponent to see who would shoot the colored balls into their designated pockets and get the 8 ball first. The best part is that players could also earn money by playing this mini game.

They can bet and place their bets and the prize money in the pool mini game is considerably good. So it’s just a good distraction but also a quick and easy way to make money in a GTA Game. Sure enough, GTA 6 could always use as many lucrative mini-games as possible. Also, the pool could add more buildings and interactive establishments to the game.

5 Basketball

According to where and when GTA 6 will take place, a basketball mini-game could really liven up the game. This was a missed opportunity by GTA 5; basketball would have made the streets of Los Santos more lived in and more functional. Of course, there’s also the fact that street basketball could also be a fun mini-game. This mini-game was present in San Andreas.

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It is a good way for players to place bets and win money, even in GTA online with its mods. Things could be different in GTA 6 depending on its particular city, but regardless, any city that has street basketball games in its neighborhoods will surely get a boost of realism. It could also be a good alternative for settling small gang disputes without bloodshed.

4 Driving school

It’s easy to steal a vehicle and merry way through a GTA game but San Andreas is the title that turned gamers into professional pilots. There was a driving school mini-game or side-quest that included some rather excruciating and difficult driving challenges. These range from parallel parking to drift parking in incredibly tight spaces.

The final challenge is also a little nerve-wracking, but it’s still a welcome addition since the added difficulty made the game at 100% complete all the more fulfilling. Once players are done with this driving school, they can then walk (or drive) with renewed confidence through the streets and highways of San Andreas.

3 Paramedic

It’s good to help people for a change in a GTA game, which is why the paramedic minigame or side quest is always a welcome addition. All players have to do is hijack an ambulance (ironically) and activate the paramedic missions. After that, the game will indicate where ambulances and medical help are needed and players should rush there without destroying their route.

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It’s harder than it looks since ambulances aren’t indestructible in the past GTA games that incorporated this secondary activity. Additionally, players can also be rewarded for each successful paramedic save. If they rake in achievements long enough, the game will reward players with an HP boost. Pretty handy.

2 Firefighter

Like paramedic missions, fire missions also work the same way. Players will have to hijack a fire truck and the best way to lure a fire truck in San Andreas is by arson (yet another irony). After activating the firefighter missions, players must drive to put out the flames with the hose.

It’s easier than paramedic missions since players don’t have to get out of the fire truck, they can just aim and fire the hose. There is also a reward for each fire extinguished and at the highest level players become fireproof if they complete enough missions. It’s pretty overpowered in that regard.

1 Vigilant

The firefighting and paramedic missions are fun, but they pale in comparison to roleplaying as the Punisher in a GTA Gameplay. Vigilante side missions or minigames provide this opportunity where players have to steal a police or army vehicle and activate Vigilante missions. They will then have to drive, chase the criminals with the intention of killing them.

This is by far one of the most intense and rewarding minigames in the series. Vigilante missions are also a good culmination of all GTA types of missions as they combine time pressure, fast driving and lots of shootouts. The reward outside of money is increased armor. GTA 6 could use something like this for his late game solo activity.

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