The best scary skins in Fortnite

fortnite is best known for its unique take on the battle royale formula as well as its legion of awesome skins. Thanks to plenty of crossovers with other franchises as well as a steady drop of original skins, there’s always a cool new cosmetic to try.

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There are fun brightly colored skins and skins pulled straight from cartoons, comics and anime for those looking for something light and playful. There are also dark and sinister Fortnite skins for horror fans who want their mere presence to inject fear into the competition. Here are some of the most terrifying skins from Fortnite.

ten Bendie

Why are inflatable men so terrifying? Is it wide-eyed disturbed? The strange rubbery texture of their bodies? Or the way they crumble without bones? It’s probably all of that and more. Fortnite players will want to make sure they can see enemy footsteps so Bendie doesn’t overtake them.

Bendie Skin combines everything terrifying about tube men into one earth-shattering cosmetic. Sure, he’s not covered in skulls or dripping with blood, but that doesn’t have to be. With a facial expression like a crash test dummy and moves like a frenetic ballerina, Bendie is unnerving on almost every level.

9 skull soldier

Skeletons have been a staple of horror since the genre began. There’s an undeniable creep factor to the undead, and watching people impersonate them is equally unsettling in its own way.

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The Skull Trooper is a mixture of three things: a soldier, a rotting body and a Halloween costume, taking the most freaked out elements of each, throwing them into a blender, and spitting out this cosmetic. If the regular version isn’t disturbing enough, there’s a Day-Glo version that would look perfectly at home sitting on someone’s front porch in late October.

8 Agent of Chaos

Agent of Chaos is more subtle than most scariest skins Fortnite, but if anything just makes it worse, let the creepy details sneak up on players. The black suit and thin blood-red tie are striking, but it’s the leather-wrapped three-fingered hands that really tell the player something is wrong. Some players might even want the Agent of Chaos to go instead of certain items that were forgotten in Fortnitesafe.

That’s before you even touch the face, hidden behind a metal gas mask with empty insect eyes. The Chaos Agent could plan anything behind a mask like that, and with “Chaos” right in his name, it’s a safe bet the plans aren’t good. The unmasked Goopy style shows just how bad things can be under the surface.

seven hay man

Horror is overflowing with creepy characters who look like humans but aren’t. Dolls, mannequins, statues, and scarecrows show up in scary games and movies for a reason. There’s something downright unnerving about something that comes so close to life to fail.

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Hay Man embodies so much of what makes scarecrows scary. Stitches bind his mouth and hold his limbs together, and a small skull hangs from his collar. Her bright eyes clearly show that something is awake and alert in that straw-stuffed head, but it’s not quite human. Either way, he rips off the nearest Slurp Juice and grabs a gun.

6 John Wick

John Wick became an action movie icon as soon as the titular film was released. What makes it so great is its terrifying anti-hero: John Wick is an unstoppable hitman capable of killing anyone in his path. It was crosses like this that helped Fortnite improve so much after launch.

John Wick Skin Isn’t Scary Like Many Others Fortnite the skins are: it’s not about what it looks like; it’s about what it represents. He doesn’t need a horrifying mask or body paint. John Wick is the embodiment of relentless destruction, a force of pure lethality that will annihilate everything in its wake. Seeing him on the big screen was one thing, but seeing him running towards his base with a grenade launcher in his hand is another.

5 Hello

Clowns. For many players, there is not much need for more arguments. Peekaboo’s bright colors and high-contrast pattern mix shouldn’t distract the player from how spooky each style of this cosmetic is.

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Painted versions of Peekaboo are scary, but the big-headed mascot versions are much worse. Nightcaps, hair frozen into horns and protruding teeth, but the eyes seal the deal. With terrifying whirlwinds instead of pupils, there’s no doubt that these clowns aren’t quite human. They can juggle and make all the animal balloons they want; it won’t make monsters like this any more trustworthy.

4 Carnage

Spider-Man has had many memorable antagonists over the years, but the symbiotes stand out as some of the most creative and disturbing. The muscular monstrosity known as Venom is dangerous, but Carnage is worse in every way.

The symbiote’s alien flesh is a twisted mass of deformed muscles and appendages. With a hanging tongue and empty white eyes, it’s easy to think of the worst of Carnage, and the player would be perfectly right to do so. Things don’t get better under the alien: the man he’s related to, Cletus Kasady, is a ruthless serial killer. All in all, Carnage can be one of Fortnite‘s best recent cosmetics.

3 Minced meat

Sometimes it feels like the creative team behind Fortnite just pushing each other to see what harmless thing they can scare next. Sure, there’s no way they could make the pie scary, is there? Right?

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The meat in this mincemeat pie must be old and rotten because the flies have already started swarming around its head. With the sculpted expression of a Jack-o’-lantern and numerous cuts all over the crust of his body, everything about ground meat skin is designed to ruin a delicious treat and make everyone uncomfortable in the process. With minced meat skin, Fortnite even managed to make the food unappetizing.

2 Big mouth

Big Mouth’s skin is aptly named, since this creature’s entire face is devoted to it. Massive teeth, pink gums, and a huge, hanging tongue take up the majority of this creature’s head. Players love to speculate on which franchises might still join from Fortnite universe, but with such good original skins, more additions can wait.

While it’s not entirely clear what this creature is, it’s definitely not something players want to crawl at them with an SMG in hand. The dark purples and blues in Big Mouth’s wardrobe help it blend into the dark areas, making it already scary Fortnite cosmetic even scarier. For some horror fans, playing a human with creepy face paint just doesn’t go far enough. Big Mouth is ideal for players who want their monstrous skins to be real monsters.

1 Nitehare

One of the most sinister rabbits imaginable, the Nitehare is undoubtedly one of the scariest skins in the game. Black leather, white stitching, hooks and chains form a stunning whole that completes this horrifying look.

Its head is nearly bald and its ears have notches like they’ve been chewed off, but it’s the creature’s skin that’s most terrifying. The design team managed to get the perfect off-white color and texture to make the creature look too soft, like leaving a handprint in its flesh when touching it. His white, blank eyes and twisted facial expression leave no doubt: Nitehare wants everyone dead, and he’s ready to make it happen.

Fortnite is currently available for Android, Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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