The biggest news from the game of September 30, 2021

Today’s gaming industry stories include a stronger case for the GTA remaster, Twitch updates, and a Bluepoint acquisition.

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The last day of September is pretty busy, with news surfacing from a slew of big rumors and controversies. Streaming giant Twitch just announced that it will be implementing new measures against hate raids, while the rating committee in Korea also reviewed a Grand Theft Auto trilogy, and Genshin Impact developer Mihoyo shared. a statement on plans for future anniversary rewards after the backlash. If you’ve been missing out on industry news throughout the day, we’ve got a rundown of the biggest stories we’ve covered today.

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Twitch shares plans to tackle hate raids

Marginalized creators have faced harassment on Twitch since the platform’s inception, but fanatic attacks have peaked massively this year. Attackers coordinate bot-fueled attacks on multiple fronts, flooding chat rooms with insults and spamming the notices of new subscribers through offensive usernames. The platform’s creators have drawn attention to the issue through their #DoBetterTwitch social media campaign, advocating for the company to address the issue urgently and make the platform safe for its marginalized creators.

Today, Twitch announced that it will be implementing tighter restrictions on verifying users through email and phone options to keep chats secure. Creators will be able to change mod requirements for their viewers, and Twitch says it will ban all accounts associated with punished emails or phone numbers.

The World Premiere of the Game Awards

The Game Awards return with an in-person ceremony

Geoff Keighly’s annual celebration of gaming and industry personalities, The Game Awards, will resume on December 9 in its usual in-person format. The case will be by invitation only, and announcements regarding COVID-19 security protocols are expected in the coming weeks. Once again, the Game Awards will be broadcast on platforms around the world and will include world premieres of new games, new trailers and musical performances.

gta trilogy

via Rockstar

Korean rating committee mentions GTA

Grand Theft Auto’s remastered trilogy just got a little more real. In South Korea, it appears that a collection of GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas has been reviewed for all consoles, mobiles and PCs. Rockstar has still not confirmed whether the trilogy exists or not, but rumors have been going around for months around a possible launch in 2021 or 2022. While this is not a direct confirmation, the studio has at least confirmed that ‘he had remasters of his classics going for several games.

Shadow of the Colossus - via PSN

PlayStation takes over a studio known for its remakes

Bluepoint Games, the studio behind the remakes of Demon’s Souls and Shadow of the Colossus, is officially part of PlayStation’s proprietary lineup. Since the start of the summer, rumors of a possible Bluepoint acquisition have swirled after the brand’s Japanese account accidentally shared a banner promoting the studio as part of its family. Hermen Hulst of PlayStation has confirmed that Bluepoint Games will join Sony after years of revamping some of its iconic proprietary titles.

Genshin Impact Anniversary Rewards

Mihoyo responds to Genshin’s birthday controversy

Genshin Impact’s anniversary awards didn’t go well, but the community has since turned complaints of greed into harassment of vocal talent and bombardment of unrelated game reviews. Earlier today, Mihoyo responded to TheGamer’s request for comment regarding fan reactions to the latest events of Genshin Impact, and the studio responded by saying it was “very careful”. Games like Fate / Grand Order, which is in no way created by or affiliated with Mihoyo, have seen a flood of angry Genshin fans leave one-star reviews.

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