The Five Best Fashion Show Card Codes in Fortnite

With so many skins in Fortnite, it’s hard to suppress the urge to show them all off. Well, thanks to the creative mode, players can do that in fierce fashion show competitions with others online. These shows can let you use things like props and emotes to impress the judges and maybe even win an entire fashion tournament. However, only a limited number of map codes offer this type of advantage. Here are the five fashion show map codes that we think are worth your time.

Creative fashion show!

Screenshot by Gamepur
  • Creator: Gamerkate useless
  • Coded: 0167-3797-1925

Uselessgamerkate’s creative fashion show! is exactly as advertised and it’s one of the best card codes because of it. Unlike most, it lets contestants use everything from props, builds, emotes, and gliders while trying to get approval from the judges. Even better, it allows up to 16 players to compete on a long track surrounded by water and bright lights.

Fortnite Fashion Show

Screenshot by Gamepur
  • Creator: rabbit_
  • Coded: 5344-3264-7834

Fortnite Fashion Show allows up to 10 players to compete in a round-based fashion tournament. Each round consists of two-player match-ups, while spectators will be allowed to vote for the winner. While its tracks aren’t too detailed, Fortnite Fashion Show sets itself apart from the rest by letting you use one of dozens of weapons to show off during your turn. If that’s not enough, those who win each tournament also earn a 5,000 XP bonus.

Red Rex Fortnite Fashion Show

Screenshot by Gamepur
  • Creator: Rexyy
  • Coded: 4232-3354-0291

Red Rex’s Fortnite Fashion Show is more of a hangout than a fashion show, but that doesn’t mean players can’t hold exciting competitions. The map is made up of two floors and consists of a blindingly colored track and a few additional rooms in which competitors can discover usable props. It is also one of the few that allows all competitors to vote for their favorite model. So if you enjoy a fashion show with no particular format or rules, this may be the card code for you.

Ultimate fashion/talent show

Screenshot by Gamepur
  • Creator: greengamer2016
  • Coded: 4741-6633-3879

If you’re looking for a card that replicates the look of a game show, look no further than Ultimate Fashion/Talent Show. In addition to its pretty standard lane, the map features a well-designed judges’ table for up to four players and also has shiny bleachers behind it for the audience to see. Meanwhile, those who haven’t played yet won’t have to sit around and wait their turn, as they can play football on a nearby field with other track competitors.

The Zapow Fashion Show!

Screenshot by Gamepur
  • Creator: Zapov
  • Coded: 8277-8564-7074

The Zapow Fashion Show! doesn’t have the same tournament format that most like, but there’s a lot of features here that you won’t find elsewhere. For one thing, judges can change the color of the lights placed all around the track, and there’s even a dressing room for those who want to change their skins between matches.

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