The Fortnite Goofy Gravestone has everyone perplexed and with good reason

It wouldn’t be Fortnitemares without the proper scenery or jump alerts present on the map. This year, Epic Games went even further by adding Zombie Chicken, two NPC bosses, and Goofy Gravestones.

While Zombie Chicken and NPCs are self-explanatory, Goofy Gravestones needs an introduction. Although headstones have been on the island for years, these are different. Rather than mentioning who or what is buried there, they prepare humorous one-liners.

#Fortnite Fun fact: In Canny Valley, there was a hole in the edge of the map that sent many commanders to death (and thus lost weapon durability). So many people have fallen into the hole (including yours) Epic Games filled it in and added a tombstone as a little Easter egg.

Goofy Gravestones was added after the Fortnite v22.20 update and became an instant hit in the community. Although their exact locations are yet to be documented, their one-liners have been revealed.

What are Goofy Tombstones in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4?

Take a femur, leave a femur?  Say what now?  (Image via Epic Games/Fortnite)
Take a femur, leave a femur? Say what now? (Image via Epic Games/Fortnite)

Unlike normal headstones which are inscribed with notable items including the person’s date of birth and “expiration date”, Goofy headstones have liners. Given that Epic Games is well known for its use of humor in gaming, this comes as no surprise.

Here are the one-liners players can find on Goofy Gravestones:

  • Available for subletting – contact Grisabelle
  • In the event of a zombie outbreak, this tomb will be unoccupied
  • Willow’s Ax Cache – Don’t Touch!
  • Didn’t thank the bus driver
  • Meowscles (Life 3 of 9)
  • It’s just teeth here!
  • Founder of the Cuddle team
  • This is NOT a secret apocalypse bunker
  • This plot is sponsored by No Sweat Insurance
  • Take a femur, leave a femur

While a few of them will make sense to all readers, some one-liners are more specific to lore, story characters, and events that happened on the island.

For example, “Available for Sublet – contact Grisabelle” Goofy Gravestone refers to the character Grisabelle. She was added to the game in Chapter 2 Season 8 and is currently a hostile AI in the game.

Another Fortnite-specific reference is “Didn’t thank the bus driver”.

The two most story-related one-liners are “This is NOT a secret doomsday bunker” and “This plot is sponsored by No Sweat Insurance”.

The first refers to secret bunkers discovered on the island over the seasons. Since they appear in the strangest places, it’s easy to think that an open grave would be the entrance to a bunker.

The second is a reference to No Sweat Insurance. Since the organization has been helping islanders since its inception around the time of the Olympics, the “sponsored by” part is a real kick in the fun bone.

All kidding aside, on the face of it, Goofy Gravestones will play a huge role in the coming days.

How to Interact with Goofy Gravestones in Fortnite

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To interact with a clumsy tombstone, simply walk up to it and press the interact button when prompted. There is no limit on how many times he can interact with during a match.

For those wondering if interacting with them will bring bonus XP or special items, there is no such thing. Apart from the one-liners, they have nothing else to offer.

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