The genius behind Grand Theft Auto 5’s character choices

Rockstar Games has released its most successful entry into the Grand Theft Auto series, Auto grand theft 5 almost 10 years ago in 2013. Over a decade since, Rockstar has continued to expand, improve and remaster Auto grand theft 5 across multiple consoles with a wide range of engaging content.

With Grand Automatic Flight 6 confirmed to be in the works but with no confirmed release date or solid development details, it’s worth reviewing Auto grand theft 5 and understand why the game excelled. Auto grand theft 5 offers something for everyone, and it’s this versatility and commitment to players that has helped shape its main character designs.


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Trevor Phillips

Trevor is one of the most memorable characters in Auto grand theft 5 thanks in part to his deranged mental state and disregard for any form of coercion. This instability makes Trevor a replacement for the chaotic and destructive fans of Grand Theft Auto who approach the game as a sandbox to realize their fantasies through guns, vehicles, etc. Rockstar facilitates this destructive compulsion by pairing the player with an equally violent character, sending them on rampage missions, or allowing them to use Trevor’s special invincibility skill.

Extending this thinking, many players agree that Trevor and his unbalanced design are indicative of Grand Theft Autoback when the series was still made up of top-down 2D games. Auto Grand Theft 1 and 2 were games that focused less on their stories and more on player freedom. They weren’t the most technologically advanced games of their time, but they weren’t sold on the basis of their immersive experiences like future entries would be.

Trevor parallels this ethos, serving as a Rockstar allowing the player to let loose and have fun without feeling constrained. Designed not to be a character to identify with, Rockstar ensured that Trevor was always a fun and enjoyable character for the player to experience vicariously.

franklin clinton

Switch to the more traditional type of Grand Theft Auto player, Franklin is the ideal embodiment of how the game should be played. Formed from the rags-to-riches story of a good-natured individual who wants to get ahead in the world, Franklin is the perfect career criminal. At the start of the game, he serves as a would-be criminal that the player can shape as they see fit throughout the game. This aligns with the very foundation that Grand Theft Auto is based on seeing the player increase their wealth, gain credibility on the street, and accumulate influence until they are at the top. Franklin is the average gamer man, and it’s a formula Rockstar has used in many games since taking a more story-driven approach.

Franklin and CJ of grand theft auto san andreas have a lot in common. Both characters come from underprivileged backgrounds, both see the life of crime as a way to escape the hood and earn a living, and in the end, they both achieved what they wanted. Many Grand Theft Auto game of 3 at city ​​of vice follow this pattern. So Franklin is Rockstar’s expectation on how Grand Theft Auto should be played, and designed Franklin in such a way that it best serves to enable that standard experience.

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Michael DeSanta

Finally, Michael represents the players who come after Franklin. Rockstar is aware that many of its players have grown up alongside the series, so the experiences that Grand Theft Auto offers are par-for-the-course. Michael is the veteran player, himself a successful career criminal who has apparently retired. He’s the type of gamer who has already spent the past decade chasing that criminal lifestyle and embarking on dangerous adventures. Grand Theft Auto-style breaks for his fortune, and now finds new ways to enjoy life. Players who relate to Michael recognize a greater need for multi-faceted characters with a deeper story than Franklin could offer. So Rockstar made Michael a criminal who needs to redeem himself and find his passion, an emotionality that appeals to veteran gamers.

Grand Theft Auto saw a significant shift in its narrative focus with games such as Grand Theft Auto 4, Liberty City Stories, and additional DLC content like The Ballad of Gay Tony. These games introduce players to characters that are complex and have a life beyond what the player assigns them. Niko came to Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto 4 to start a new life, but through criminal connections he enters the life of crime in the same way as Michael does when he comes out of retirement. Rockstar offers players Michael as a more nuanced and interesting character they can relate to easily, one who can simultaneously provide moral challenges while reigniting their enthusiasm for high-stakes crimes.

Auto grand flight 5 is available now on PC, PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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