This gamer who smashed a German game show and demanded the release of GTA 6 is the hero humanity needs right now

There are a lot of things tearing humanity apart right now. Political debates. Debates on vaccines. GOAT debates of all kinds. Just about anything that can be debated has people yelling at each other and causing chaos in an already crowded world.

This is why it is so important that we humans can shout something in unison in an effort to make the world a better place and that should be the release of a new GTA. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, injects dopamine directly into the human brain better than a Grand Theft Auto game. Being able to let off steam by hitting a few hookers, committing a few murders, walking as much as we want, and stacking wanted stars in the virtual worlds built by the Rockstar greats is the one thing every person on this crazy planet of ours may suit is great. I said it almost a year ago and it rings as true today as it did then.

Now I would NEVER follow the words of an angry and tired German. But we need that player’s message to become the guerrilla’s new rallying cry every time someone has a mic in front of their face like the 2021, much less bizarre “Fuck her right in the pussy”. If enough people ask for GTA 6 to come out in interviews and acceptance speeches, I’m sure the folks at Rockstar will be forced to upgrade from their 1058475th update online to GTA 5 to put GTA 6 in our hands. by the holiday season (of 2022, just because I’m a reasonable man, Rockstar).

PS This host was clearly trying to fit in when he said he didn’t complete GTA 5. Everyone who started GTA 5 finished it except the unlimited online versions of the game.

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