This Minecraft YouTuber Built a Working Tank Without Mods

Minecraft allows players to build so many things. Whether you want to create your own version of Elden Ring or create an in-game GIF, your options are limitless. It’s all about freedom, and the mix of different systems in the game allows for out-of-this-world creations, like a working Minecraft tank.

Good old Mysticate – who you might recognize from their awesome take on Crossy Road – woke up, chose violence, and built themselves a tank. If you’ve ever watched any of their content, you probably already know the end result.

The video shows Mysticat building the tank model, figuring out how to spin it, and then driving it. It’s everything they’ve ever done before – arguably the most intriguing part of the video is how they figured out the firing mechanic. After some off-screen experimenting, they decide to use snowballs with a few more controls to make them explosive, change how gravity affects them, and even set them on fire for a bit of visual flare.

Mysticate then invites some of his friends to a large old arena to hold a building contest. No one trusts Mysticat at this point, but they all accept him anyway. Naturally, things end with Mysticat summoning the tank, then gently modifying their builds while providing important feedback. Check it out below.

For the record, we’re a big fan of Slimecicle into shapes, but that’s a topic for another day.

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