This player recreated the entire universe in Minecraft – Destructoid

And it’s unbelievably beautiful

Every once in a while I see something a gamer has created on Reddit or Twitter, and it gives me confidence in video games. I feel a bit exhausted after the tumultuous Monitor 2 throw this week, but then I saw something so beautiful, it reminded me of what an average beautiful game can be: a Minecraft player has recreated the entire universe in the game. Yeah, it’s as beautiful as it looks.

User u/ChrisDaCow uploaded a video of his work on the Minecraft subreddit, among other sites, earlier this week, and the post garnered more likes than I’ve seen on Reddit before. The construction includes a black hole, a nebula, the entire solar system and a supercluster.

ChrisDaCow also created an extensive vlog documenting the build process, which I find fascinating as someone who hasn’t played more than a handful of hours in Minecraft. He says that one of the most useful tools that made the whole build possible is the fact that you can “paint with light” in-game (something I didn’t know was a thing), which which allowed him to recreate how light actually works in space.

He also had to reduce the blocks to fit everything into one Minecraft world, and Chris even breaks out some math to make sure you get the right scale of Saturn’s rings. I’m seriously impressed with the effort he put into it all, and I have a feeling it’s going to be one of the best ever. Minecraft buildings of all time.

I’m not going to lie, I usually have a lot of existential fear, but seeing our universe depicted so beautifully and with such care helps me see things in a new light.