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Popularized by some of the biggest names on YouTube, Minecraft Prison is one of the most well-known genres in the game.

While there are multiple ways to enjoy the game mode, it is often played in the form of dedicated Minecraft prison servers or Minecraft prison adventure maps.

This guide aims to explain everything players need to know about Prison in Minecraft, including how to play the best prison servers / maps, tips, tricks and more.

How do you play Minecraft prison servers?

One of the most popular ways to enjoy Minecraft Prison is to connect to a server. Some good Minecraft prison servers to join in 2021 can be found here.

When joining a prison server, the first thing players need to do is research the prison mines. Mining on the prison servers normally provides a stable source of income and is especially aimed at new players.

Minecraft prison servers enable multiplayer prison role-playing experience
Minecraft prison servers enable multiplayer prison role-playing experience

After mining and collecting enough money, players will find that they can level up their rank, unlocking new prison mines that can earn even more money.

The best Minecraft Prison servers also have a myriad of features outside of mining to make money. Some notable events include PvP events, gangs, black market player stores, auto mining robot slaves, and more.

One thing new players should be wary of on Minecraft Prison servers is overt PvP activity. Many servers have prison guards, who are other actors responsible for keeping the peace in prison. These guards will intervene in all the fights that will break out in the enclosure.

What are you doing in the Minecraft prison adventure maps?

Another great way to enjoy the game mode is Minecraft prison adventure maps. Each prison adventure map is different, but the main objective is still to escape the prison and beat the map.

Such an escape can be achieved in multiple ways and mainly depends on the prison map being read. In order to gain freedom on most maps, however, players must find ingenious solutions to the problems presented throughout the journey.

What are some good Minecraft prison adventure maps?

There are many great Minecraft prison adventure maps to download and play. A list of these cards can be found here.

“Framed” is a particularly good example of a well-made modern prison map. The map features different prison rooms to escape from, unique puzzles, quirks, mysteries, lore, and more.

Download the “Framed” card here.

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