Top 5 things to know about beacon in Minecraft

Beacons are one of the most valuable items in Minecraft. Their ability to make almost anything easier is unmatched. The only problem with them is that they are incredibly difficult to manufacture. For starters, its ingredients include a Nether Star, which can only be acquired after defeating the Wither. The Wither is the hardest and most difficult monster to spawn in the game.

Beacons also require an obscene amount of Minecraft resources; however, they are worth it. They can completely change the game and have been around in Minecraft for a little while. That said, there are definitely things not everyone knows about them.

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Fun Facts About Minecraft Beacons

5) View from the sky

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To work, a beacon must have a clear view of the Minecraft sky. This means that no blocks – other than clear blocks – can be on top. Even if it is 100 blocks above the beacon, this item will not work.

This isn’t a difficult problem to overcome, but it does mean that beacons cannot be built underground without providing a clear line of sight to the sky. This is really the only major stipulation when constructing a beacon. Otherwise, they can be built almost anywhere else without any problems.

Another thing to note is that transparent blocks, such as glass or water, will not interfere with the use of a beacon. Stained glass can actually give its light a different color.

4) See distance

Beacons have a beam when activated (Image via Mojang)
Beacons have a beam when activated (Image via Mojang)

The distance at which the beacon’s powerful beam of light can be seen varies greatly between Bedrock Edition and Java Edition. For Bedrock, players can see the beacon light from 64 blocks away, whether their render distance is set to maximum or not. This is a derisory distance compared to what we see in Java Edition.

In the Java version, players can see the beam from 256 blocks away. The title doesn’t say if render distance affects this feature, but it’s unlikely. Either way, crafters can see their beacon’s beam from so far away that it can be as useful on their way home as a map.

3) Resources

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Most players know that they need an incredible amount of resources to craft a fully powered beacon. Each part of his pyramid must be filled with blocks of a certain resource, where each block has nine ingots. In addition, to activate the object, you must give it a Netherite, iron or gold ingot or a diamond. This is why using a beacon can quickly become costly.

2) Powers

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Only one power is available exclusively with a four-level ward pyramid: Regeneration I. The following powers are available as the item’s primary powers:

  • speed i
  • Hurry I
  • resistance i
  • Jump Boost I
  • Strength i

After the initial powers step, Regeneration I is available. The only way to get this effect from a beacon is to take it to step two. Another thing to note is that the level of primary powers can be increased to II at this point, but the new status effect is Regeneration I.

1) Alternate use

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Most Minecraft players would prefer to use a beacon for the purpose it is meant to serve: providing status effects within a certain range for a certain amount of time. It’s way too expensive to do anything else with it.

However, it has other uses. The beacons emit a light level of 15, which is the highest possible in Minecraft. They can also melt ice and snow. Although they are among the most valuable items for a single reason, they can serve many purposes. One of them happens to be preventing hostile mobs from spawning.

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