Twitch revenue data proves the power of Minecraft streamers

Trends are all about Tic. Whenever a particular game or activity becomes popular on the streaming platform, tons of streamers try it out, hoping to expand their channel by attracting new viewers. These types of trends are where the 2020s Among us the hot tub craze and recent meta is coming. At the same time, some things never go out of style on Twitch. For example, although it is over ten years old, Minecraft remains a beloved game that attracts many viewers. Survival Multiplayer (SMP) servers operated by Minecraft celebrities like Dream have found great success in recent years, for example.


While some SMPs involve established streamers, the Dream SMP has launched Twitch and YouTube careers for a number of people, including Ranboo, Quackity, and Tommyinnit. Although they are still often associated with Dream’s server, they are very successful performers themselves. No data proves this more concretely than an analysis of Kapwing data. Using revenue information disclosed by Twitch, Kapwing estimated that Ranboo earns the most money per streaming hour of all Twitch streamers, while Quackity and Tommyinnit take second and third place, respectively. This financial information proves that Minecraft streamers have a lot of power and influence in their hands.

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The implications of Twitch income


According to Twitch earnings numbers, not only is Ranboo the highest earner on Twitch, but it’s not even close. Ranboo earns around $2,400 per hour streaming, while Quackity earns $2,036 per hour and Tommyinnit earns $1,741 per hour. For comparison, Kapwing’s analysis suggests that xQc only earns $1,068 per hour, even though xQc operated Twitch’s most-watched channel in 2021. These numbers should be taken with a grain of salt, as they are based on data leaks and do not include revenue from sources other than Twitch streams, such as branded offers. However, the mere possibility that these young people Minecraft streamers make more money streaming than Twitch stars like xQc, Pokimane, and Asmongold is staggering.

The income of each Twitch streamer is intrinsically linked to their popularity; a larger audience means more potential donations and subscriptions. However, specific revenue figures say a lot about the streamer’s popularity with his fans. If Ranboo, Quackity, and Tommyinnit are really earning that much money hourly, that’s a clear sign of their fans’ fervent enthusiasm. Those Minecraft streamers have incredibly loyal viewers who are eager to provide support. This kind of enthusiasm and loyalty gives streamers a lot of potential influence on the larger Twitch community and gaming industry.

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Influence of Minecraft streamers


Fans who are willing to spend so much money to Minecraft streamers may also be particularly likely to listen to the opinions of these streamers, which gives them a lot of power. These streamers could generate a lot more interest in certain games by expressing their enthusiasm during a Twitch stream, or help other Twitch streamers tremendously to launch their careers by expressing their support for this streamer. As the next generation of Twitch stars, Ranboo and his peers need to keep their influence top of mind and use it wisely.

The power of this current Minecraft streamers hold is particularly important because many of them are so young. Ranboo, Quackity and other members of Dream SMP are mostly in their late teens or early twenties, having only started streaming a few years ago. In other words, they all have many potential years of success ahead of them. Whether they keep or not Minecraft As the main game forever, these streamers belong to a new Twitch generation, and they already have the potential to drastically change the landscape of the streaming platform. All Twitch fans should keep an eye on the movements of these Minecraft streamers, because they might help Tic take new directions in the years to come.

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