Twitch streamer Summit1G criticizes NoPixel GTA RP bans

Streamer Summit1G criticizes online role-playing server NoPixel Grand Theft Auto for apparently granting an unfair ban to another player.

Summit1G criticizes the ban on GTA RP

In light of COVID restrictions preventing people from living the lives they want, games such as Grand Theft Auto Online have dramatically increased in popularity due to their role-playing potential. Lots of people get involved in watching their favorite GTA RP streamers and the adventures they experience in the game, and the NoPixel GTA RP server is one of the most popular destinations for this type of content.

However, through this popularity, the server is not without its fair share of drama. Many streamers have been banned from the NoPixel server for various reasons, be it for a few days or permanent bans, and the type of conflicts vary in severity.

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One of the more recent cases of streamers banned from the server involves one of Summit1G’s other streamers named “HutchMF”. After HutchMF was banned from accessing the server for three days, Summit1G spoke out against the move, saying server moderators are increasingly happy with their use of bans.

The reason HutchMF got their ban happened as they were going on an adventure with other players. Someone else in the party wasn’t following orders, so HutchMF shot the player and got banned for it. After hearing the memory of the events of HutchMF, Summit1G became critical of these directors and said they had to be more careful because the jobs of these streamers are on the line.

Summit1G goes into more detail by saying that there is a lot more at stake for Twitch streamers than not being able to play the game. Potentially, a streamer’s main source of income, and even all of their sequel that they have. worked so hard to build, could be swept away by a single mistake, thus affecting the future of his career. Summit1G explains that this should go through the heads of NoPixel admins before they make a decision, as they need to have these conversations when they are handing out bans, because their jobs are also at stake.

Summit1G then suggests that an easy solution to this would be to have conversations with streamers for minor infractions rather than moving on to harsh punishments. Fortunately, the ban on HutchMF was only temporary, but these kinds of instances are a bigger problem. Other Twitch streamers have criticized NoPixel bans in the past, so this is not an isolated incident. Hopefully the NoPixel admins will heed this advice and be open to discussions with gamers in the future instead of harshly excluding people from the game.

Grand Theft Auto Online is now available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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