Very detailed examination of a horse on the horse of Elden Ring

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Last year, I had the absolute pleasure to discover The quest for the manealmost a dedicated site entirely to horses in video games. With Ring of Elden now out, and with horseback riding prominently, I wanted to check it out and see if they had any thoughts on the game’s mount, And I was not disappointed.

The site-led by game designer and horse enthusiast Alice Ruppert– takes a light-hearted, but also deeply practical approach to the subject, and that Ring of Elden the review is no different. Rather than reviewing the game itself, it simply takes a look at Torrent – and some of the game’s other mounted creatures as well – and examines how “realistic” their animation and controls are. .

In the case of games like Red Dead Redemption 2, their cover obviously leans towards the really realistic side of things, since these are real horses that we play with and can be directly compared. In Ring of Eldenhowever, they are not really horsesand so the review is a bit different.

gEven the magic foundations of the game, most it is very good :

Torrent’s neck is covered in enough shaggy fur to make a Wild Jorvik Jealous, his long forelock and wide ears give him that Highland Cattle look, fresh out of bed, and there’s a bunch of apples on his bum which are adorable, though unfortunately mostly hidden by gear and luggage.

The quest for the mane finally problems appear somewhere where I never even noticed them, but now I can’t see them: Torrent looks like a horse, but their legs bend like a goat:

Now on to what doesn’t sit well with me: Torrent joints. Our goat horse unfortunately suffers from the two very common problems of overly bent front legs and completely stiff fetlocks. I feel like a broken record at this point, as I’ve pointed this out in so many games, but a horse’s fetlock joints should lower as they bear weight. Animating an extra joint is of course extra work, but I’m still disappointed that even a game of scope and resources like Ring of Elden doesn’t consider it necessary for its main character’s mount.

We can try to explain this by claiming that Torrent is more of a goat than a horse, or at least a mixture of the two: looking at walking pictures of goats, their lower legs remain fairly straight. Since Torrent’s legs look noticeably more equine than uh… caprine, I’m not really satisfied with this excuse. Especially since there is are in fact, other non-goat horses in this game as enemy mounts and they tend to have the same problem.

Although aesthetically shocking, there is at least one point to this: goat’s feet may look weird, but they to work.

… playing the game longer made me realize that the choice is at least partially understandable from a gameplay perspective – in a game like Ring of Eldenwhere precision and timing are crucial against all enemies, your mount’s uneven movement may be enough to prevent you from using it during combat.

Meaning: I to have why fluid motion was favored over equine realism.

I would also like to imagine that at some point Elden Ring’s design process someone said “maybe the player needs a horse”, and someone else said “not screwed up enough, it has to be a horse with goat legs” and all the world nodded.

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