Vice City – 8 mods that remaster the game

Hard to resist the charm of the classic Grand Theft Auto games like City of vice. Even if City of vice is woefully outdated by today’s standards, revisiting the sunny shores of the game is always a treat. Until an official remaster finally hits the shelves, fans must be content with mods for now.

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Fortunately, there is a huge collection of mods for City of vice who try to bring this classic title out of the dark ages and modern times. Whether it’s updated graphics or entirely new features, these nifty mods should make it possible to replay City of vice more of a joy and less of a headache.

Modules charger

Mod Loader for Grand Theft Auto III

Before we dive into the mod list proper, it’s worth mentioning a handy little tool that will make the player’s life much easier. Modding games as old as City of vice is very rarely a straightforward process. Keeping everything organized for when the going gets tough is important and ultimately saves time.

Mod Loader is highly recommended when installing add-ons to City of vice. It is best to root in the game file directories to find the correct installation paths. Mod Loader does most of the work on its own, which is always a plus. Players who install multiple mods should also download this handy tool to create a smoother process.

Silent patch

Tommy riding a motorcycle from GTA Vice City

Providing a smoother, more bug-free experience than the original should be at the top of the list for any remaster. City of vice is an older game and no longer receives regular updates from the developers to resolve persistent issues and bugs.

For this, installing Silent Patch should be step 1 when looking to revise City of vice. The collection of fixes provided by this mod is extensive, so it’s worth browsing the description page for the full list. Suffice it to say, City of vice will work much easier with the silent patch installed.

Wide screen correction

Tommy shoots a gun from GTA Vice City

The type of big screen monitors that most gamers are familiar with today didn’t exist in 2002. As such, playing City of vice today, on a modern setup, it doesn’t look quite correct. Fortunately, gamers can install the Widescreen Fix mod to fix the issue.

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The Widescreen Fix mod doesn’t do anything too fancy. It is simply fixes things like game aspect ratio, HUD, and FOV to better accommodate contemporary monitor sizes. Before we think of another playthrough, this mod should definitely be considered.

Vice City: Definitive Edition

Vice City Definitive Edition gameplay

When looking for a competent all-in-one overhaul, the Vice City: Definitive Edition mod is a smart choice. If gamers don’t want to waste time installing multiple mods one at a time, this complete package is the perfect solution.

Vice City: Definitive Edition fixes a number of issues that still plague the game even after all these years. City of vice will not only perform better, but also look better. Textures are scaled, gamepads are supported, and the ability to run the game at 60 FPS is also provided.

Vice City HD Effects

Vice City HD Effects Mod with smoke effects

There are a lot of mods that give City of vice‘s visuals more panache. One aspect of the presentation that fans should consider improving is the various tertiary effects of the game. Taken together, these effects can have a noticeable impact on the overall appearance of the game.

Vice City: HD Effects enhances many particles in the environment. Textortion and effects such as gun flash, blood, smoke, and tire marks all receive the HD treatment. It’s not perfect, but it helps to make City of vice appear more realistic by today’s standards.

Vice City ENB Series

ENB series mod for GTA Vice City

If gamers want to try and take the game’s visuals to the next level, installing an ENB is the next step. When all texture mods have been used up, an ENB will do City of viceThe environment pops even more than before.

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The Vice City ENB series mod will further amplify many of the environmental effects encountered in the game. Items such as reflections and reflections from the sun will now appear more natural and realistic. It’s worth a try while still making the rest of the game look as good as it gets.

MeTV Radio

Tommy Vercetti from GTA Vice City

One of the strengths of City of vice at the time of its release was its excellent collection of 80s music. Using the map while listening to the best artists of the decade is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the game. Why not improve the selection even further by adding more music ?

The MeTV Radio mod does exactly that by adding over six hours of ’80s hits to City of viceradio stations from. Now, it won’t be so easy to run out of things to listen to while exploring the game world and seeing all that is on offer.

Vice City Grand Missions Pack

Tommy Dancing from GTA Vice City Big Mission Pack Mod

Since City of viceReleased in 2002, open world video games have only grown. Players may find that they are running out of activities to perform faster than they remembered. The solution is to add brand new content to the procedure.

The Vice City Big Mission Pack mod strives to iIncrease the longevity of the game by incorporating new tasks for Tommy to complete. Over 60 new missions are included to occupy more of the player’s time, ensuring fans won’t leave the shores of City of vice too early.

New city vice

Tommy Vercetti from GTA Vice City Grand Theft Auto Vice City

In the same vein as the previous mod, the main objective of New Vice City is to add additional features and activities not present in the vanilla version. Added together, the mod attempts to make the game a more immersive and long lasting experience.

The list of New Vice City features is long, but fans should find them quite interesting. More hardcore mechanics such as cars requiring fuel and Tommy needing to eat regularly are included. There are also other abilities such as the ability to call a taxi or even emergency services, much like the player can do in Grand Theft Auto 5.

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